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How can my Australian boyfriend and i get married in the UK?

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buy plane tickets ;)

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Is joe chen has a boyfriend?

yes...she has a Australian boyfriend yes...she has a Australian boyfriend

Can a UK citizen who married an Australian and had a baby come home to UK with the baby to live without her husband?

ONLY if the baby has NOT been made a ward of court !

Where can an Australian get car insurance in the UK?

An Australian in the UK can get car insurance from the same insurers where UK residents get their insurance from.

Which Australian territories are still controlled by the UK?

There are no Australian territories still controlled by the UK.

Can you play UK PS3 games on an Australian PS3 console?

yes you can because Australian ps3 games are PAL, AU,NZ,UK so you can play games from UK on your Australian console i have heaps of UK games that i have purchased of the internet and they work just fine on my Australian ps3

You are a jamaican living illegal in the UK with your polish boyfriend is it possible for you to get married?

it is deffenitly allowed for you to get married, just go to the nearest police station tell them ur an illegal immagrant and that you want ot marry your polish boyfriend and im sure they will help you out

What Australian bra size is equal to the UK bra size 30E?

A UK 30E will be the same as an Australian 8E.

Which is better - UK degree or Australian degree?


How Can you divorce in UK if you married in turkey?

can you divorce in the uk if you married in turkey

Why Australian boyfriend is vanish?

because he doesn't love you.

Natalie imbruglia married to Australian man or not?

she is not married to a Aussie

Is my boyfriend married?

He obviously shouldn't be unless he's married to you, but then he wouldn't be your boyfriend. Ask him about it. If he seems hesitant, he's obviously married. But talk to him.

Is Ashanti married?

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Will Jamie Lynn Spears get married with her boyfriend?

No. They did not get married.

Is Kelly Clarkson married yet?

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She is not married. And she was not. But she has a boyfriend.

Is Palomas married?

She has got a boyfriend, but she isn't married.

How many months do you need left on your Australian passport to travel to the UK?

How many months do you need left on your Australian passport to travel to the UK

Will a Australian Wii console work in the UK?

yes but the games you buy there wont, Australian wiis are PAL, whereas American and UK are NTSC

Is an Australian driver's license valid in the UK?

An Australian licence may be used to drive in the UK for the first 12 months that the holder is in the country.

What should you do you are married and have a child he is married and has 2 kids And you are madly in love and he is your ex-boyfriend?

walk away......

Can an Australian get married in the USmerica?

Of course,why not?

Will an Australian tv work in the UK?

It might if you have a plug outlet for the type they have in the uk.

What should i get my boyfriend for our 2 month aniverserrey if he likes uk?

You can buy your boyfriend of 2 years a motorcycle especially if he likes the UK.

How do you get married in jail?

How can I get married to my boyfriend in Susanvill State Prison