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Check the wiring for damage or grounding problems and thoroughly examine the trailer plug if you have one. If you can't find any problems there, check the turn signal switch.


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smelled electrical burn now central air is blowing warm air non stop

Short in the wiring or a bad fuel pump.

You have a problem with the electrical circuit.

A live wire in the audio circuit is touching metal, or connected to ground in some way.

When an electrical fuse is overloaded, it converts the electrical energy flowing through it to heat, which melts a strip of wire in the fuse, "blowing" the fuse.

There is an electrical short to ground in the fan switch or in the blower motor itself.

if the compressor is Running you are low on freon, if its not then you have a electrical problem

it has a short somewhere in the electrical line

The circuit is overloaded. The motor is froze up or bad. You may have an electrical short proble,

If your tail light is blowing a fuse everytime you step on the brakes there maybe a faulty or crossed wire. Have your mechanic check it out to be sure.

sounds like an electrical short. go to an auto electric shop for a proper diagnosis.

If an oven keeps blowing fuses it points to an electrical problem. This problem could be with the oven itself, it may be something in the house. In either case, you should have the wiring checked out.

There are three main possible causes to explain why a car air conditioner is blowing hot air. These causes are a worn out compressor, refrigerant leak, and an electrical problem.

my Chevy cobalt 2005 keeps blowing the fuse everytime i put my windows up or down i had the door wireing replace a new window motor replaced new switch and it still blows the fuse what can the problem be

The most likely cause of no air blowing out of the air conditioner is a bad fan motor. It could also be a blown fuse, electrical short, or control panel. These are a few places to start looking for the problem.

The 2001 Accord has 3 fuse boxes. The interior boxes are located on the driver's and pasenger side of the dashboard. The underhood box is on the right(passenger) firewall. The fuse you want is a 20A located in the #5 position in the underhood box. There are spare fuses located in the #9 and 10 position that you can substitue. All the covers are labeled(the one you want is labeled "Stop". Use a good light source. Press the two clips to free the cover on the underhood box. Check the bulbs - a transient volatage spike(intermittent short) can blow all of them at once without blowing the fuse. Jim

you have a wire that is going to ground(electrical short on another wire or piece of metal).

You could have a vacuum leak, a bad controller, a bad air door or an electrical problem.......

All bulbs blow after a while due to age. If they a re blowing constantly, you may have a short in the electrical system.

First check to see if the system has freon in it and if not then you have a leak but if it does then you will need to check the electrical for the a/c system.......

Redstone is the electricity of Minecraft. Using Redstone, one can make a infinte variety of electrical devices such as arrow traps and blowing up TNT.

You know the wind is blowing, when you see it blowing leaves of trees, blowing papers on streets or by using a windsock.

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