How can one convert to Protestant?

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Can a Protestant who is a Mason convert to Catholicism?

Anyone who wants to can convert to Catholicism.

What is a person called who changes from Catholic to Protestant?

From the Catholic point of view the person would be an apostate - one who deserts his religion for another. From the Protestant view - a convert.

How do you convert to a protestant?

ask Jesus to become your Savior.

Can a Protestant become a Catholic?

Yes, anyone can convert to Catholicism.

Was Charles II protestant or catholic in 1660?

He was a Protestant all his life until on his death bed, when he chose to convert to Catholicism. A priest was smuggled into the palace he was in.

What is a Evangelical denomination?

A Protestant church that uses active missionary work to convert others to its position.

How do you convert from Protestant to Catholic?

First talk to the local Catholic pastor and he will assist you in enrollment in an RCIA program.

Can a protestant marry a Hindu without the Hindu having to convert to become a protestant?

Yes. The potential arrangements are:Both keep their own religionHindu to protestantProtestant to HinduBoth to a third religionBoth drop religions all togetherAs for the wedding(s) they can be:Hindu ( a lot of fun)Protestant ( can be fun)Both at onceBoth at separate timesCivil ceremony

Was King Charles the II a Catholic or a Puritan?

He was a Protestant - but he secretly promised to convert to Roman Catholicism and did so on his deathbed.

Who was the founder of protestant church?

Martin Luther was one of the main people who started the Protestant Reformation so is sometimes considered the founder of Protestantism. However, there is no one thing called the "Protestant Church" so there is no one founder of it.

What is the difference between the church of Ireland and a protestant?

Protestant is a broad term for a number of Christian religions. The Church of Ireland is one of the Protestant Churches in Ireland.

What is the difference between protestant and presbyterian?

Presbyterians are just one type of Protestant denomination. So, all Presbyterians are Protestant, but not all Protestants are Presbyterian.

Who is d pope of protestant churches in the world?

There is no pope of Protestant churches. In fact, you could say that one of the main reasons for the Protestant Reformation was not to have a pope!

How can an adult convert from Hindu to protestant religion?

A true Hindu will never go for conversion no matter million benefits arise after that.

Why did Obama convert to Islam?

He didn't. He's still part of a Protestant Christian denomination known as The United Church of Christ.

What has the author A D'Auborn written?

A. D'Auborn has written: 'The French convert' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Controversial literature, Conversion, Doctrinal and controversial works, Early works to 1800, Protestant authors, Protestant converts

How did martin Luther influence the world?

One way/ He lead the protestant reformation and started the protestant church.

What policies did Elizabeth I use to make England protestant?

She tortured and hanged a man who tried to convert people fro protestant to Catholicism she also executed people who tried to kill her. She also fined people who did not turn upto church services one shilling the it went upto £20 per month in 1580.

Was Thomas Cromwell a Protestant?

A big one.

Protestant church in uk?

The Anglican Church is the major Protestant denomination in the UK. The second major one is Presbyterianism.

What does the Council of Trent have to do with the protestant reformation?

.Catholic AnswerThe misnamed "protestant reformation", actually, the protestant revolt was one of the primary reasons for the Council of Trent which was caused in order for the Church to deal with the disaster of the protestant heresy and the loss of souls due to it.

Was Elizabeth 1 a protestant?

yes Elizabeth was a protestant because she helped the protestants we know this because she raised one of their concerns in one of her meetings and solved their problem.

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Why did missionaries come to New Zealand?

The Catholic and Protestant missionaries began to arrive in New Zealand in 1814. Their mission was to convert the Maori population.

Why did Europe's rulers carry the tensions of the Protestant Reformation from Europe to North America?

They forced settlers to convert to the new religion of their native country.