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To get credit cards after bankruptcy you can apply to credit companies that you haven't had previous experience with or go with your old company and get a card with a lower limit on it.

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Q: How can one get credit cards after bankruptcy?
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Where can one get credit cards for people with bankruptcy?

People with bankruptcy can get credit cards from some companies that offer the option. While it is easy to get, interest rates and fees will be much higher as a result, until one can improve their credit score.

Can you put credit cards on a bankruptcy?


Are there any types of credit cards one can get if they have declared bankruptcy?

When in bankruptcy it is not possible to have a credit card. Once the terms of the bankruptcy have been met, some credit card companies will consider issuing a credit card to some people.

How long are you unable to use your credit cards if you go into bankruptcy?

When going into bankruptcy, your credit card accounts will be cancelled as a result, so you will NEVER be able to use your credit cards if you go into bankruptcy. Depending on the type of bankruptcy, you will be able to apply for new credit cards (and other loans) after seven (7) or ten (10) years.

Do you have to list credit cards with a zero balance in a bankruptcy?


Where can one get more information on best credit card after bankruptcy?

One can get information on the best credit cards after bankruptcy from many different websites. Some examples of these websites include CreditCards and BankRate.

Can you file for bankruptcy if your credit cards have gone into collections?


What happens to credit cards in a bankruptcy when there is a zero balance?

it does not work

Do you have to declare bankruptcy on all credit cards?

Yes. If you declare bankruptcy you must declare all cards, loans, assets and debts.

Can you file bankruptcy on credit cards that are not in your name but you are responsible for?

check Federal Bankruptcy act 801.3

What kind of bankruptcy is it called when you only include credit cards?

Chapter 7. The credit cards would be unsecured debts.

Can you file bankruptcy on a home equity loan and credit cards?


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