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How can one pass the AP exam?

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Study but don't cram all on the night before the test. Make sure you give your self some time to do this. Take maybe like a week or so to review over everything that you have learned. On the night before the exam make sure to get a good night rest. In the morning have a good heartly meal

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If you pass an AP class but fail the AP exam will you still get AP credit or just Honors?

If you pass an AP class but fail the AP exam you will NOT get a college credit but you will receive credit for the class. Colleges will still recognize that you took an AP class, and you will still receive credit for the class, just not college credit.

How many questions must you get right to pass an AP economics exam?

We must answer 3 questions.

When do i get money for passing ap exam?

You do not get paid for passing the AP Exam. However, passing the AP Exam saves time and money on the credits you can earn in advance by earning a three or higher depending on the college.

US history AP exam scores?

hello, this is a person who took US History AP exam this year. I think i got 4 for DBQ and 3 for both FRQs... I skipped about 20 questions in MC. If there's a curve for the MC scores, how many MC questions should i get right to pass the exam?

Where can you download your exam hallticket of ug pgrrcde AP?

you will get it throw post before one week of exam or 5 day s

What is a passing score on an AP exam?

A three tends to be the "passing score" on an AP Exam. However, it varies by college with how much credit you can earn with each score. Check out your college's website for more information for specific Exam score requirements for specific AP Exam Credits.

How can one pass in IIT?

You have to write the IIT-JEE Exam to pass and get into IIT.

What are the answers to the ap history exam?

What are the questions??

Can you use a dictionary in the AP literature exam?


How do you get fake AP IMVU?

There is no way to fake the AP pass. The only way to be apart of the Ap community is to buy Ap which will cost yu a one time payment of $20.00

How do you pass the ap English language exam if you only got 3 month?

Sorry better luck next yeay! wow ...that was helpful :P

How many units do you get for passing an AP test in high school?

depends on the college/ university. i got 2.75 units from passing my AP psych exam and almost 7 units from passing my AP language exam!

Ap bio lab 1?

You can receive all 12 AP Biology labs at They have a whole year's worth of AP Biology labs. I used the site last year to pass AP Biology and the AP exam at the end of the year. It'll only cost 14 bucks, but it's well worth it because they get the labs straight from the Collegeboard handbook.

How do i know ap intermediate exam center?


What is the fee to take an AP exam in the US?


Could i study for an AP exam in 3 months?


How hard is the pmp exam?

The PMP Exam is one of the hardest to crack and pass. Because of the value the certification brings with it, the exam is as hard as it gets.

What are the answers to the 1984 US History AP exam?


Why does the college board want me to fail the AP history exam?

The college board likely does not want you to fail the AP history exam. They would just like you to take the course in college.

What grade do you need to pass an exam?

A or a B, maybe a C on the exam in order to pass.

What is the pass mark for TNPSC group 4 exam?

what is pass mark in tnpscgroup4 exam

The CPA exam is too complex to pass. ?

The CPA exam is too complex to pass.

Who is eligible for college board AP exams?

You are eligible to take an AP exam without having taken the AP course. You must thoroughly prepare on your own.

What does the ap in 'ap biology' mean?

AP stands for Advanced Placement. An AP course is similar to an honors course, but college credit can be awarded to students who score high enough on an end-of-the-year AP exam.

Is AP European History Hard?

AP European History is very difficult. Most of the problems you will have will be with the FRQ and DBQ. Many will fail the AP European History Exam.

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