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The question is ... why bother trying? People are held responsible for their own actions and I wouldn't touch this one with a 10 foot pole. Don't bother trying because you won't get through to either of them. Sorry Marcy

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Q: How can one save an inverted narcissist from the wrath of a covert narcissist?
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A narcissist is not capable of love. The narcissist is a heartless, soulless individual. "Love" to the narcissist is the feeling of euphoria that he/she gets when a new narcissistic supply source has been found. Because they are extremely enamored, they project the feeling of being in madly in love with you, therefore fooling you into thinking it's genuine love. They actually might believe it themselves (kind of like pathological liars or people who pass lie detector tests) because they are mentally ill. Trying to ride out that relationship with the narcissist? Save yourself the pain and RUN!

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How do you coparent with a narcissist?

Get out! you are doing yourself and your children a disservice by staying, and if they ask you later why you didn't save them, what will you say? Is religion a good excuse to stand by and watch your children be mistreated?

How do you separate a narcissist from his willing victim?

The question I have for you is why would you want to do this? I understand that you think that this narcissist is bad news, but your question specifies the other person involved is "willing". Perhaps you do not understand the dynamics of the relationship properly. Maybe you are meddling where you shouldn't. Take a look at your reasons for doing this before proceeding. I understand what you are asking since I used to be one of those "willing" victims who was dazzled by the narcissist's charm. Lots of people did try to warn me that I was being used, but I was too much in the thrall of the narcissist. It took 8 years and 2 divorces before I came to my senses. Sadly I don't think you yourself can save the victim of a narcissist. The victim has to save themselves. You can tell them what you know during a time when they seem willing to listen, and hope they will eventually save themselves. Most do eventually get out. It is easy to get away from a narcissist once the charm wears thin and you finally see through them. The more frequently the victims hear the truth from others, the more likely they will get out sooner. When they finally do get out, they will be a lot wiser. Personal boundaries might be a good neutral topic to discuss with the victim of a narcissist, since that is one area where a narcissist runs rampant over his victim. If the victim realized how much his/her personal boundaries are being ignored, the victim could begin to put two and two together.

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Is it wrong to tell someone that you do not know that they are dealing with a narcissist?

Wow...I was wondering the same thing. I know for sure that someone I do not know "personally" is dealing with a narcissist. Yet, I would say follow your gut on this one. If you have had an experience with the narcissist that can actually enlighten the person in question, it may not hurt. It will probably save them lots of emotional energy and heartache down the line. In addition, by chance they have yet to see the signs, your advice may aid in identifying future "red flags"...No.

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