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For a child to learn how to make friends, resolve conflict, interact with strangers, dine in a social environment, learn with external distractions, share with many other children, are all things that teach a child the value of their own family, home, solitude and personal sense of self. Through a public life, and an understanding of living with people, one can develop his or her personal strengths, boundaries, and individuality. I can understand why it is tempting to have control over the events of your child throughout his or her school day, but one cannot have that kind of control as a parent, and still carry on with their own life in order to remain and become stronger for the child as this child grows older, and acquires the challenges of adulthood. If you want to be a good parent, let the child interact and develop in the school system. I understand the problems with the public school system, but parenting doesn't have to mean total control of your child, it means the ability to help the child sort out the accumulated false, negative, and occasionally ill-intended inputs from the "outside world" while you as a parent cannot be there to protect them. The connection developed between you and the child, where the child comes home from the outside world with questions and concerns is trust building and your interaction in this child's life during these years as someone the child can escape the outside world to are crucial. In this opinion, I realize that I have some embedded assumptions about the level of interaction with the public you are willing to provide to you child. However, when a single person is trying to replace an institution (such as school) in a child's life, there is an inevitable sharing and rendering of time that the parent is giving up. The parent is a person too and must continue to strengthen and develop away from the child to some extent. If you want the child to go to college and continue schooling past high school, you are going to want to be a fresh perspective for this person to compare his or her worldview to. For homeschooling to be effective I think you have to do sort of a checklist of strengths and weaknesses ie... Is the child a self motivator and have self-discipline? Is the parent self-disciplined? Is the child open to the idea? Does the parent have a good grasp of general knowledge? Are both able to stick to a routine where work is done, and takes priority? Can consistency be maintained? Homeschooling can be very beneficial if done correctly and consistantly. You have to decide if you are up to it and not let the child "slide" on work and assignments. If you can put together a structured learning routine, there is no reason you can't make it work. It is a big commitment not to be taken lightly. Public schools should always be the last choice. If they won't homeschool, then they should send you to a private school. Your education is more important than any inconvenience of homeschooling. Also, many programs make it possible to help the child self-teach so the parent doesn't have to stand over the child all the time. You can join homeschooling co-ops where parents take turns teaching certain subjects. There are many options. If it is the choice of the child to stay home and learn, then parents should help in any way possible. That would take some hard convincing. I would just talk to her about it and find a very good reason why. She would probaly need a pretty convincful reason. good luck. You could look up co-op homeschooling groups in your area and offer your mom some solutions. Tell her she doesn't have to teach you all by herself. She can sign you up for co-ops where other parents take turns teaching subjects they are good at. Homeschoolers have groups, support groups on the internet (just do a Yahoo groups search) and many resources. Homeschoolers are not alone and it is easier than ever nowadays. Also, your mom can be sure you are learning what you are suppose to learn. Public education is getting worse and colleges are getting pickier with their students. If she won't homeschool, ask for a private school instead. With the money she saves on school clothes and supplies, she can easily buy books on Ebay for your grade level or use to buy locally. I don't know if you could convince him to allow you to be homeschooled. Firt of all do your parents have the time, money, engery and resources to home school you? If so then he should allow you to be home schooled. Also, if you are already in school and being made fun of everyday like I was, I would for sure take my child out of school and home school them. They made fun of me from grade kindergarden to the 12 grade, always telling me how ugly I was. If that is your situation then he should allow you to be home schooled. Good luck:) * The way one would present an argument in favor of any matter. Compile information both pro and con on the issues. Then choose a time when the involved parties are able to engage in a meaningful discussion. Hint: Not in the morning household rush or the home from work time frame.

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Q: How can parents be convinced that homeschooling is the right choice for their child?
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does homeschooling go by the same laws in reguards to child support?

The child support laws are the same for parents who are homeschooling.

Can you go to work and homeschool a child?

Yes i am homeschooled and my parents work! the school if you are thinking about homeschooling and work is

How to Get Into Online Homeschooling for Free?

Homeschooling has become popular over the years; because many parents do not trust public schools and believe that it would be easier for their children to study at home. Sometimes homeschooling is the best option for children who have problems communicating with others around them, or they have a learning disorder. Online homeschooling developed in order to help parents that are not able to home school a child themselves, but would still like for them to study from home. Many parents do not have time to teach their children school work when they work from home themselves. Parents do not understand how time consuming, costly, and confusing homeschooling is.There are many things that need to happen when trying to home school a child. A parent will not only have to register their child with the state, but they also must purchase tools and materials that are required for the grade level curriculum that the child is. Those are just two of the things that a parent must do in order to home school a child. This is why they turn to the easier form which is online homeschooling.The Perks of Online HomeschoolingUsually a parent will be able to receive online homeschooling books and materials for free. Parents have the option to register their child in any school of their choosing. Instead of having to go through the paperwork process of registering a child with the state, there are programs that will do this for parents and even update the state for each child’s progress. Updating the state is a mandatory part of homeschooling.Online homeschooling requires that each child take efficiency exams in every state. Most of the people involved dread this, especially if they do not have the resources to prepare for the exams. The government loans computers to those who are in online homeschooling and do not have the proper funds. Children and parents also have the option to meet up together offline if they are a part of an area that is all homeschooling online together.

Do you have to go to college to homeschool your child?

Most states in America don't require parents of homeschoolers to be college educated. The vast majority of homeschooling parents, whether they are college educated or not, give their children a sound education. But there are some parents who neglect their children. To ensure that homeschoolers get a proper education, some states require them to be evaluated annually. Even in states such as Alabama where homeschooling is illegal, many parents are homeschooling their kids through a loophole called the church school option. And some of the parents there are not college educated. Homeschooling laws vary from country to country. Homeschooling is illegal in some countries, such as Germany. In other countries like Malaysia, there are no homeschooling laws at all and homeschooling parents are educating their children in total freedom. So it all depends on the country and state you come from.

What is the concept of homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the practice of a parent or tutor educating a child from their own home.

Should adopted children contact their birth parents?

Honestly, that decision is up to the adoptive parents until the child is 18. When that child turns 18, the choice is no longer up to the parents. The choice is the child's.

Can a child be homeschooled without a parent at home?

Yes. It depends what kind of homeschooling you are doing and your age. If you are doing the book homeschooling, then it is more helpful to have a parent around to help you, but if you are 15 or older, it is not necessary, it is up to your parents. Online homeschooling is completely different, you can do it on your own because you can listen to the lessons.

Can you have a mom who is homeschooling her child start homeschooling your 17 year old for his senior year?

Yeah. There is nothing wrong with that.

What are the requirements to have my child home schooled?

What authorization is required to make a home school legal in Illinois? The Illinois School ... My child is currently attending a public school. Is there a formal ... "Is Homeschooling the Right Choice for My Child?" ... You don't need an impressive educational background or lots of money to succeed at homeschooling. ... By now it's no secret that all the research shows homeschooled children outstrip ...

Can a child over 18 divorce their parents?

No, its your parents choice no matter how old you are you can't divorce them unless they agree to it.

What sentence can you make using the word beleaguer?

The beleaguered parents had no choice but to take their deviant child to a child pschychiatrist.

What online homeschooling resources are available to parents of homeschooled children?

There are lots of places you can get free and affordable online resources and curriculums for your homeschooling needs. Check for downloadable course plans for K-12. The website will help you find downloadable resources that are recommended for your child.

Where do you go to homeschool your child?

You do it at home... if you are wondering about curriculum, well, that depends on your beliefs. Sonlight Curriculum is a Christian based homeschooling program. Its also very good. But its your choice based on your beliefs.

How much does homeschooling cost for 1 year?

Well when i put my child in home schooling it was free but in other homeschooling cost about 50$ 4

Does homeschooling affect a childs growing?

I'm home schooled, and when my parents decided to home school me, I wasn't very happy with their decision. However, as I've grown and witnessed/heard some of the terrible things in public school, I'm so very grateful to my parents for homeschooling me. Homeschooling doesn't take away any benefits from your child. If you're wondering if home schoolers have friends, yes, we do. Actually - we have plenty of friends, home schooled and public schooled. Home schooling allows you to teach what you think your child should be taught, to monitor who your child hangs out with what your child watches etc., and to have a closer bond with your child. I could go on for days, but let me know if you'd like to discuss this anymore.

Can you change a last name of a child that the parents have been divorced?

Yes, you can. Until the age of 18 it is the parents choice to change or not to change.

What is homeschooling and how much is it?

Homeschooling is the practice of teaching a child or student from the confines of there home. Its cost varies, and is different for each case. Inquire for more details

Can a child change their mind to be adopted?

Not really, they aren't in a position to make the choice, that parents and courts do.

Successful Homeschooling Programs?

Designing a homeschooling program for a child can be a difficult and demanding task, and oftentimes there can be opposition to such a task. However, in many cases a successful homeschooling program can give a child a much better educational experience, and when the parent is acting as the primary educator an important bond can be formed. The first thing to consider with designing a homeschooling program are standard practices. All states have different requirements that exist as milestones to monitor the progress of homeschooled children, usually in the form of tests or other evaluations. In some states, even the curriculum used with the homeschooled child must be evaluated. One misconception of homeschooling is an absence of structure; these rules and regulations must be followed in order to meet state requirements for homeschooling. However, that doesn’t mean that homeschooling a child offers less creative outlets compared to public school. With homeschooling it becomes easy to play to a child’s strengths, and to challenge them so they don’t become bored. Oftentimes gifted or accelerated learners are neglected, and slower learners are treated unfairly. Tailoring lessons in any subject towards a child’s learning styles helps them overcome challenges and enjoy the process, and the constant flexibility means a perfect combination of methods can be employed to help the child learn. Homeschooling programs can be strengthened by consulting others. One of the greatest advantages of being a homeschooling parent is the ability to learn from books, websites, teachers, and other homeschooling parents themselves. Forming small groups of children and enacting activities more akin to a regular classroom can create a bond between children that they might be missing if kept home all of the time. Homeschooling is more than an educational system, and remembering that when designing lesson plans or other aspects of the homeschooling program will result in a better experience for both parent and child. Combining requirements by the state and general education, personalized attention, and interaction with other homeschooling parents and children almost always creates the best experience.

Does every Christian christen their child?

No, my parents are Christian and I don't believe in anything. Not a loss of faith just a choice. Some parents give the child their own choice later in life or force it upon them which usually creates a bad relationship between the kid and parent

Can a parent be in trouble for their child running away?

No, it is the child's choice to run away the parents have nothing to do with it unless they abuse the child in any way.

Does a 16 year pregnant female in Wisconsin have the right to decide the babies last name or is it up to the parents of the female?

You do, it's the parents choice as to the name of a child. Since you are the mother, it's your choice. However, the father of the child also has the right to name the child as well. Remember that it took both of you to make the child, regardless of how young you are (should of used a condom).

How do you get a teacher to come to your house to homeschool your child?

Homeschooling is when the parent helps their own child complete their schooling at home.

How do I start homeschooling my child(3rd grade) Where do I find free or very inexpensive curriculum?

The Homeschooling in Arizona ( has a lot of information that can get you started teaching your child. They also provide links to materials like books that you will need.

Home School: Where Opportunities Abound and Learning Never Ends?

Homeschooling is a simple idea that has long been misunderstood. Parents choose to home school for a variety of reasons including sub-par local schools, personal or religious beliefs, and some parents choose homeschooling to fit their non-traditional lifestyle. As time moves forward however, homeschooling is becoming more of a mainstream idea. Parents from all backgrounds, training, and occupations are choosing home school for their children’s education. The ideology that seems to unite this diverse group of homeschooling parents is the idea that their children’s education is their responsibility and duty as parents. Homeschooling, for parents, is an act of selfless love, devotion, and sacrifice for their children. It also serves as an opportunity for building a healthy parent child relationship, and creates a lifelong bond between parent and child. Children who are homeschooled are privy to many learning opportunities and options unavailable in traditional education. Parents can easily tailor their child’s education to the child’s specific needs, interests, and learning abilities. The classroom can be expanded indefinitely, and learning can occur at every opportunity. Homeschooling is allowed in all fifty states, but states differ in the amount of information they require from parents. The first step for parents interested in homeschooling is to check and comply with the laws of their state. Secondly parents should choose a curriculum or compile their own. There are many homeschooling websites that include curriculum overviews and parent testimonials so that parents can make more informed decisions before committing to any one curriculum. Websites such as this also are a great way for homeschooling families to connect, share interests and ideas and even schedule combined educational events. As with any endeavor, homeschooling will be a more successful enterprise if a positive and encouraging support system is in place. Homeschoolers can be easily found through internet groups. Groups are usually organized by state, region and finally, by specific ideas that make that group unique. In modern society, homeschooling is losing its negative reputation, and is becoming increasingly embraced by parents and educators alike. Homeschooling can be accomplished by any parent who is willing to invest the time and effort necessary to effectively educate their own children.