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Try some of these sites to help with identification: genital_warts_pictures.htm stis_warts.shtml

2010-06-14 00:48:31
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Q: How can penis warts be identified and what do they look like?
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What do tongue warts look like?

I don't think tongues can have warts.

Can you get warts from shaving?

If you have warts on your legs shaving over them can spread the disease even more. Answer You can get a rash from shaving and sometimes it can look like warts if you are not familiar with what each of them look like.

What does it mean when you have bumps that look kinda of like warts on the flap of the vagina?

Then you probably have warts. Like the std lol

What does genital warts look like caused by bacteria?

Genital warts are never caused by bacteria. Genital warts are caused by a virus.

Can you get a wart on your penis without having genital warts?

not that i know of, but whats a big indicator is usually the size of the "wart" that's on the penis, genital warts are relatively large, and there are chances that something that go's by MC could be it too, make sure that its not Fordyce's spots which look like lots of small warts forming, i nearly freaked out when i noticed them but the doc said apparently their common in 50-70% of men.

What does a penis look like at the age of 13?

it looks like a penis

What do molluscum look like?

These look like little warts, with hard white hard stuff in the middle, I think that you can compare it to a skin tag. These warts are more uncomfortable then they are harmful.

What does the penis of a virgin look like?

The penis of a virgin does not look any different than the penis of someone who is not a virgin.

What does a guinea pigs penis look like?

A little pink like penis

What is does the world's largest penis look like?

"is does" looks like a large penis

What looks like genital warts?

Skin tags, anal tags from healed hemorrhoids, and pearly penile papules can all look like genital warts. For those without familiarity with the illness, any type of bump on the genitals may look like genital warts.

Will my penis look any different if I have an STD?

Depends on which one. Some cause warts and sores. Others don't show much.

What do dog tongue warts look like?

Warts on a dog's tongue look pretty similar to warts anywhere else on a dog - they are typically white to grayish raised, textured bumps protruding from the surface of the tongue.

What are genital warts?

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease (virus) that usually causes warts in the genital or anus areas.when you get warts on your ballsThey are warts that typically appear in the genital and anal areas of the body. The warts usually look like cauliflower.Warts growing in the genitial areas.

What do genital warts vs skin tags look like?

Genital warts and skin tags can look identical. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis.

Does sea cucumber have spines?

They have soft spines that look like warts

How do you treat warts inside your penis?

Inside meaning the urethra? A doctor have to look at that. If needed they can burn them with laser. You wont feel a thing a though.

What should a 14 year olds penis look like?

a penis

What do a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis look like?

Go to

Can genital warts become big and red?

Yes, genital warts can become big and red and look like cauliflower on top.

What is the difference between eczema on the penis and genital warts?

Eczema causes pain full and or itchy blisters or dry rashes on the affected area. It's not too common to have eczema on the genitals. Genital warts look like raised bumps, they are itchy and usually have a cauliflower like appearance. To know for sure testing should be done.

What do genital warts look like?

Genital warts are located in the area of the genitals. Genital warts tend to be flesh colored or gray and they are growths. You can have them in clusters or they can be located individually. I am sure there are pictures on the internet, but I am uncomfortable searching for them.

Can genital warts look like a brown mole?

Genital warts are normally the same color, or a lighter color, than surrounding skin.

How does a rock look like a chocolate chip cookie?

because they have warts:) hehehehehe

What do genital warts look like in an early stage?

Cluster,small bumps