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How can people die from gangrene?


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Gangrene is often called 'gas gangrene' because it puts out a foul gas when an area is infected. Gangrene is an anaerobicbacterium, which means it grows in places hidden or away from air, let's say like deep down in a wound on your leg. If the infection is allowed to start growing, because circulation was cut off to the wound or wasn't cleaned properly, or treated with antibiotics to kill it, the tissue starts to die, cutting off the air to more tissue (which the bacteria likes) and putting toxins (poisons) out into the body systems. Once gangrene has set it and the leg has turned black, these poisons have to be removed by cutting off the leg, so that the infection won't poison the entire body and kill it.


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about 25,000 people die from gangrene a year

2000000 people die every year

Any age, though the average age is 67. Gangrene is when blood stops flowing to a limb or limbs and cells begin to die. You often get gangrene from frostbite, if you have diabetes, if you smoke, or if you get a serious burn or injury.

1000,000,001 people get gangrene a year.

How long it takes to die from gangrene depends on the specific circumstances of the infection, how big you are, and how far away from your vital organs the gangrene is. Typically gangrene spreads very rapidly once it starts, and an infected person may die in anywhere from one to three days once the gangrene is established.

over 60 million people die every year

Gangrene can be caused by frostbite, so yes, people who suffer frostbite could develop gangrene.

The most common victims of gangrene are people who are diabetic.

Once a person is officially diagnosed with gangrene, they typically die within one month of the diagnosis. However, medicine has advanced over the years and gangrene can typically be cured now a day.

Gangrene occurs when tissues in the body die. It can affect arms, legs, or other parts of the human body.

He died because of gangrene.

Yes, if left untreated, it can turn in gangrene.

Gangrene has no know discovery. Researchers say that gangrene was first found in the wounds of Civil War patients. Many people died in the Civil War because of this. Around 30,000-45,000 died because of gangrene infected wounds.

your blood is poisoned and that part of your body starts to die

Depending on the severity of the gangrene, it can either be lethal in as little as a week or as long as many years. Gangrene is treatable, so it doesn't often kill people who seek help.

Many people can only live with gangrene no longer than two months. This is because the infection eats away at your body. However, gangrene is no longer a common health ailment.

Gangrene is an infection that originally enters the body through a break in the skin, of some kind. The gangrene bacteria cannot pass through intact skin. Only injured people are at risk.

When people start asking the individual "do you really need that leg or arm". These are usually the first signs that gangrene may be setting in.

what does gangrene look like? is it a dangerous disease to get over? how likely is it to get gangrene???

Yes, a chicken can get gangrene. Gangrene in chickens can spread to the head, neck and breast. Gangrene in chicken is usually found in the bones or toenails.

Gangrene is the scientific name.

There are no statistics on just how many people died of gangrene during World Wars I and II. Estimates place the number of dead from this infection in the thousands.

Before bacterial infection and sterilisation became fully understood, countless people suffered from gangrene leading to loss of limbs and death.

Gangrene is the scientific name.

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