How can people suffer if they lack patience?


When a person lacks patience they will always be frustrated and unhappy. A lack of patience can cause people to make mistakes because they don't think things through before taking action. Lack of patience can cause problems in relationships with family members, co-workers, employers, etc. because we may not take the time to hear them out or understand what is really going on with them. It can cause stress, anger and frustration which, over time, stresses the body. It can cause your blood pressure to go up which can, in turn, damage your heart and blood vessels. A lack of patience can cause a person to lash out at others. There is nothing good about having a lack of patience and, many times, people want what they want now instead of later. Learning to be patient, if you're not already, can be done and you will do nothing but benefit from learning to be patient. It can be done if a person wants to do it. The benefits of being patient pay off in the long run. Good things can occur by exercising patience.