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God knew us from before the foundations of the earth. We were written in the lamb's Book of Life before God ever even created the world. God is omnipotent, Alpha and Omega, He knows the beginning to the end. When Jesus gave his life on the cross for his elect, it was from the beginning to the end. Remember Jesus is Emmanuel, translated as 'God with us'. Because before there was Christ there was still God. They don't go to Christian Heaven. They go to their own heaven (if promised by their own religion) instead.

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Can anyone go to heaven if they have never heard of Jesus?

Some Christians believe that you can not go to heaven if you have never heard of Jesus. Others say that the failure of someone to worship Jesus can not be a rejection of Jesus if he has never heard of Jesus, and therefore the person can go to heaven if he has lived a good life. It is all a matter of faith on the part of Christians themselves. What Christians can not prove is that heaven even exists. So we can not know for certain that anyone goes to the Christian heaven. It is all a matter of faith.

How many people have heard of Jesus?

Billions of people have heard of Jesus in all these years.

Why was Jesus on the sermon mount?

Jesus was on the mount to tell people about the Beatitudes so they can get to heaven and he thought long and hard and deceided to aware people about them so they can change their ways in order to get to heaven. The point of it was to get people to heaven as you may have heard Jesus was tempeted by the devil but the devil didn't fool Jesus. Jesus travelled to the sermon on the mount and spoke the word of the lord and many people came then Jesus told them how to ensure you get to heaven to collect your reward from God in the catholic faith we believe when we die we go to heaven and your lord id God and Jesus we also belive we have two mum's and two dad's oour parents on earth and our parents in heaven God and our mother Mary.

How did Jesus attract converts?

People were attracted to Jesus because of the signs and wonders he did. People were converted to believing in Him after they had heard His teaching. People heard the truth and the truth set them free.

What is that word people say when they heard of it before?

Ive heard of that before

How many people in world have not heard of Jesus Christ?

Few people in the world today have never heard of Jesus. Even if people have listended to missionaries, such as those of the Joshua Project, and rejected the message, they have at least heard of Jesus. The Joshua Project cites 2.74 billion people as unreached with the gospel of Christ.

How many people know about the Jesus around world wide?

everyone who has heard about him. so pratically the whole earth has heard about Jesus Christ.

How many countries have not heard of Jesus Christ?

There are people in every country that have heard of Jesus Christ. Not every person in every country has heard of him, though... yet... . forward character

How many people have not heard the gospel of Jesus?

It is impossible to say how many people as of 2017 have not heard the Gospel of Jesus, for a number of reasons. People might have heard---but not caredbut not agreed with itbut had lost all hopebut had a different yet valid set of beliefs.

What does mr tuck dream?

That people never heard in heaven of Treewood gap

Would Alexander the great have heard of Jesus?

No. Alexander the Great lived about 300 or so years prior to Jesus time.

What where the words heard at Jesus' baptism by john?

In Matthew 3:13-17, John the Baptist heard a voice from heaven saying, "this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well please."

How are many people have heard about Jesus Christ?

Not enough! and its our responsibility to try and teach everyone the glory of Jesus

Why would Alexander have heard of Jesus?

This could go either way he could have, or he could not have, because he was born about 300 years after Alexander died, but there was people who knew about god, that could have shared it with him.

Who followed Jesus?

Many people who believed on him, including his disciples. See Matthew 14.13. When Jesus heard [of it], he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart: and when the people had heard [thereof], they followed him on foot out of the cities.

Is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven?

Answer:YES! Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the light. NO-ONE can come to the father accept through me."HeavenIt all depends on the eyes of the beholder. All I can say is Christians believe in Jesus and they believe in Heaven.From Jona BIf you understand who Christ is and what He did on the cross and that He claimed to be the only way to God you understand why Christian believe Christ is the only way to heaven.The biggest problem in claiming Chrìst to be the only way to heaven to me is that there are so many people who are living or who have passed away don't know Christ as their Savior either because they lived before Christ time of they haven't heard. If Christ is the only way to heaven how will God save those people? I do have my own answer on this matter. Jona BAnswerYes, Christ himself said that he is the only way. He also said that he will return to judge the earth - those still alive and those who have died. Jesus came to save everyone - all humaity - those who died before Jesus as well as those who came after. The Bible, including Paul's letters and Revelation of John, tells us that those who were not around during the time of Jesus will be judged accordingly to their lives; those who accept jesus as their saviour will be saved. The problem lies in those who have heard of Jesus and have chosen to reject him. At the day of Judgement, the Bible tells us that everyone will know that jesus is Lord - his return will be blatantly obvious to everyone. No doubt there will still be those who reject him. They will face then eternity separated from God - it's their choice after all.Answer:No of course not. There are other religions that speak of heaven too, like Islam, and they don't believe Jesus is the son of God, just a prophet.Christ Jesus is the ONLY WAY! For those who were alive before Jesus was born, they had to rely on God to go to heaven. Back then they were saved through faith in God since Jesus wasn't a human yet. (even though he was still in heaven with god. aka his father) any way, now we are saved through faith in JESUS CHRIST , hense we are called CHRISTians!Answer:For anyone to say that God will judge all people who died and never heard of Christ according to how they lived or according to their faith in God is actually implying that there are other ways in which a person who never heard of Christ can enter heaven and that is a direct contradiction with the belief that Christ is the only way to heaven. In another word it is a contradiction to believe that Christ is the only way to God and also believes that God will judge every person (who never heard of Christ during their lifetime on earth) according to their deeds or their faith in God (through general revelation). All Christian have no problem believing that Abraham, Moses, King David went to heaven but few if any ever ponder the fact that these men of faith did not know Jesus and what He did on the cross for their sins. If Jesus is the only way to heave then how did God save Abraham and Moses and king David.... Could it be that these men along with the rest of humanity came to know Jesus after this life. If Christian believe that Christ is the only way to God then the most logical conclusion would be to believe that all the men of faith and the rest of humanity who never heard of Christ have the opportunity to know Christ after they died.

Is Whitney Duncan a Christian?

Yes she is! I've heard her mention Jesus & being a Christian before.

What does Friday the 13th represent?

What I heard is that the Friday part is because that's the weekday on which Jesus was executed, and the 13 part is because that was the number of people present at the Last Supper, the Passover Seder that Jesus and His disciples shared the night before the execution.

What has the author Andrew Heard written?

Andrew Heard has written: 'Dear heaven'

Why doesn't God speak to us so that we can actually hear- As in FORCE us to hear an actual voice?

God did speak to people so that they could actually hear him. It was in the form of his son Jesus Christ. God told us many times that he was Jesus and Jesus was God (in man form). Now the next question will be then why does he not speak audio to us today? The answer to that is simple. He spoke to thousand of people when he was on earth and told them what we needed to do to see Heaven. Many that heard him speak wrote down the words he said. Then Jesus said to his disciples that they now must go into the world and preach to all the nations what they had seen and heard. Not just a few people but many saw Jesus come back to life as he stayed on earth for forty day after he rose. Jesus continued to speak to many before descending into Heaven. There was no doubt that he did what he said he would do. Then Jesus before going back to Heaven told his disciples and others what they must do. Jesus said for them to go into all the world and preach of what they had seen with their own eyes. There were historians in the villages and that was their job to accurately document history. They took their job very seriously by putting down actuate truths as their life long duties. Now you may say well there are no real pictures of Jesus. No proof he ever existed. I would then say there were none of a famous Indian named Crazy Horse but historians say he existed and most would agree he did. Even though only one question was asked I felt compelled to answer another often asked question. GK

Do people that never heard of Jesus go to hell?

Not necessarily. See Romans 2:12-16.

Does the country Australia allow missionaries to come in and tell their people about Jesus?

NO. Australia is called van deimans land for a reason. We have never heard of this jesus you speak of.

Why do people have faith in something they have never seen felt heard or touched before?

There is a famous saying, 'It is better to live life believing in Heaven and die to find it does not exist then to not believe in heaven and die to found it actually does exist. A lot of people need a reason in life, an aim or goal. Faith is kind of like that. You can either believe or not believe its really that simple.

Was Cleopatra a Christian?

No. Cleopatra died at least 30 years before the birth of Jesus so she never even heard of Christianity.

Where in the Bible does it say when Herod heard of the works of Jesus?

Herod the King died when Jesus was a boy so he didn't hear about his works. But, he heard of the prophesies so he tried to kill Jesus.