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You can practice dribbling in your yard, juggiling the ball on your knees and head, or just kicking the ball around with friends.

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One way to get better at soccer is to practice! Get together with other soccer players and ask them to give you pointers and practice with you. Make some home made goals at home and see if you can score. Practice makes perfect

practice, practice, PRACTICE !

practice, practice, practice!

Practice practice practice....

well what practice are you talking about?

The only way to get better at soccer is to practice, practice, practice! You could join a team or just practice at your house and play with your friends.

Soccer can be both a talent and can be perfected with practice. Some people are 'born' with soccer skills, but most anyone can become a talented player with practice and dedication.

You have to practice a lot, work hard and just practice having a soccer ball at your feet.

Soccer is usually played around 3-4 hours because they have to practice hard for their games. I know a pro soccer player and that's how long they practice.

Find a league to join, and practice practice practice!

Practice, practice practice! You can usually google good ways to practice.

You will have to practice every day to be really good at soccer.

practice with your friends, and get onto a soccer team

Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

All it takes is practice. All soccer players played 10000 hours before they became a pro. Practice, practice, practice!

I am also thinking about joining travel soccer. I think it is a great thing to do and if soccer is your sport then go ahead and try out. All you need is practice! Get yourself a soccer ball and a few friends who also enjoy soccer (remember: never force someone to play a sport) and practice! Travel soccer requires a lot of practice so if you don't have time to practice don't sign up. Good Luck with tryouts!

You have to practice . Never give up. And practice soccer skills. Learning the positions would also help.

The cast of Soccer Practice - 2003 includes: Jonny McGovern as The Gay Pimp

I reckon just practice your kicks, and basically anything that you would do in a soccer game. Get your mojo back yeah? Practice, practice, practice is the key.

practice talk to a coach

1. buy a soccer ball. 2. practice. 3. try out 4. practice (if you don't make the team try harder next time) 5. practice.

Abs are built from soccer, and what you build from soccer is what you do from soccer, and what you do from soccer you need to practice and train for so technically yes and no, reread the beginning if you do not understand.

Practice, practice, practice Practice, practice, practice Believe, believe, believe Have a dream and don't rest until you reach your dream.

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