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after 1000's of years of contastanly being hit by waves, the rocks slowly break down, and sand is the result.

if you get a really powerful blender and put rocks in it and leave it for a while, it will break down into sand

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What can igneous rock granite become?

Well, it can become the metamorphic rock gneiss, or it can be weathered into clay and sand.

Did sand used to be a rock?

yep, and it might become rock again - sandstone.

What do sand and mud become when they form sedimentary rock?

sand becomes sandstone and mud becomes shale

Is sand a sedimentary rock or is lots of sand joined together a sedimentary rock?

Sand is composed of small loose particles of eroded rock of any type, but commonly it is particles of quartz from igneous or metamorphic rock. Each sand grain is actually a rock unto itself. Only when the sand grains are cemented together through a process known as lithification, do the sand grains become part of a new sedimentary rock.

How does schist become sand?

Weathering like wind, water, or plants break down the rock turning it to sand!

How does a rock become a sedimentary rock?

when rocks turn into sediments by the climate and weathering, the sediments compact together with sand. Then it is a sedimentary rock.

What type of rock would contain a fossil?

usually sand/mud traps something, then hardens to become a rock.

What type of rock is sand?

sand is a metamorphic rock

Is sand a type of rock?

Sand is composed of rock particles.

What does sand turn into when under high pressure and high temperature?

Sand can form the sedimentary rock called sandstone. Quartz sandstone (pure silicon dioxide) can become the metamorphic rock called quartzite.

Is there rock in metal?

There can be, but it is usually not intentional. For instance, rock, in the form of sand grains, can become entrained in iron castings. They would be called "inclusions".

What will happen to sand if a rock is in the sand?

The effect will likely be on the rock. Sand is rock that has already been powdered by erosion. What will happen is that the sand, if it is hard enough, will erode the rock surface, which typically polishes it until it is smooth.

What is the difference between a sandblasted rock and rock?

A sand blasted rock is any rock that's sitting in a landscape where sand can be picked up by the wind and blow against the rock. If there's isn't any sand that can be blown around, you can't get a sand blasted rock.

Does olivine rock form to become soil?

Sand is formed from the breakdown of rocks. If a rock contains large amounts of olivine, then when this rock weathers, olivine sand will be formed. There are beaches in New Zealand that are almost exclusively made of green olivine crystals.

Is sand a rock?

Sand is composed of small pieces of weathered and eroded rock.

What rock results when sand liquefies?

Sandstone is the rock that results when sand liquefies.

Is sand desert sand a nonliving thing?

Yes. Sand consists of tiny grains of rock. Rock is not alive.

Sedimentary rock formed from sand?

Sedimentary rock formed from sand is called sandstone.

Is sand in rocks?

it depends what type of rock you have really, if you have a rock with crystals in it wont have sand in, if you have a pourous rock it wont have sand in either, but if you have a rock with grains you may find sand in the rock! Answered by a 12 year old lolz +++ Pretty much right - well done! You do have certain types of rocks ('sedimentary rocks') with sand in them, formed from earlier deposits of sand; but the sand itself is grains of hard minerals remaining from harder rocks that have been eroded away. So the rock with crystals does not have sand in it, but when weathering breaks that rock down, the crystals are left as grains of sand.

What difference is there between crushed rock sand and natural sand in mortar mixing?

What is differences between crushed rock and crushed sand

Is it true that sand comes from rock in the desert?

Yes, sand is simply particles of weathered rock.

Is a sand a solid?

Sand are loose grains of weathered rock. Sandstone is a solid sedimentary rock.

Why is there sand in the world?

sand comes mostly from rock and ground up stones, beach sand containes ground up shels as well. The earth is made of mostly rock and sand comes from rock so there you go......

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