How can rock become sand?

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after 1000's of years of contastanly being hit by waves, the rocks slowly break down, and sand is the result.

if you get a really powerful blender and put rocks in it and leave it for a while, it will break down into sand

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Q: How can rock become sand?
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How does a grain of sand become a rock?

it doesnt

What can igneous rock granite become?

Well, it can become the metamorphic rock gneiss, or it can be weathered into clay and sand.

Did sand used to be a rock?

yep, and it might become rock again - sandstone.

What rock forms when grains of sand become cemented together?

Sedimentary rock e.g Sandstone

What do sand and mud become when they form sedimentary rock?

sand becomes sandstone and mud becomes shale

How does schist become sand?

Weathering like wind, water, or plants break down the rock turning it to sand!

Is sand a sedimentary rock or is lots of sand joined together a sedimentary rock?

Sand is composed of small loose particles of eroded rock of any type, but commonly it is particles of quartz from igneous or metamorphic rock. Each sand grain is actually a rock unto itself. Only when the sand grains are cemented together through a process known as lithification, do the sand grains become part of a new sedimentary rock.

How does a rock become a sedimentary rock?

when rocks turn into sediments by the climate and weathering, the sediments compact together with sand. Then it is a sedimentary rock.

What type of rock would contain a fossil?

usually sand/mud traps something, then hardens to become a rock.

What type of rock is sand?

sand is a metamorphic rock

Where was the eroded material from the shield deposited and what did this material become?

igneous rock and it became sand

What type of sedimentary rock forms when grains of sand become cemented together?


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