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Christmas Magic, of course!

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Chris Hawkins

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โˆ™ 2020-12-15 16:32:15
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Q: How can Santa get round the world so fast?
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How do you catch Santa?

You cannot catch Santa ever!! he is too busy flying around the world, he is travelling so fast, that it is impossible to see him or catch him.

Why does Santa have raindeers?

Santa Clause has reindeer so his sled can go fast.

Should a winds turbine have straight edges or round edges?

round. so that they could spin fast

Why is the world so round?

Because it is.

Why is santa santa?

Santa is not real. so there is no santa. it is your mom and dad.There is no possible way that he travels around the world in one night.

Is the world fast?

The world spins lots of miles per hour so that means it is fast.

Did Santa Claus fall?

Santa Claus has fallen before, but he is magical so he can save himself, and then the reindeer turn around fast and pick him up again.

Why is mercury so fast while going round the sun?

because it is closer to the sun it has less to travel it is so fast because it is close to the sun and has less distance to travel

What makes our earth turn?

well,when the world is traveli so fast with so much gravity it spins.. well,when the world is traveli so fast with so much gravity it spins..

Where can a 14-year-old in Santa Rosa California get a job?

work at round table pizza at 14you can work at round table pizza that's the only place i know. at arbys also i live in santa rosa so yea i think there too

Why does santa live so far away?

Because Santa has to work all year round and watch every kid and in the North Pole he will not be too loud for anyone and he can watchall the kids.

What mountains does Santa cross?

Well, Santa has to go all over the world, so he crosses pretty much all of them.

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