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Getting Pregnant in Sims

to get your Sim pregnant you need to make them both like each other then you get them to both relax in a double bed at the same time them click on they other one and then click try for a baby

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Q: How can sims get pregnant on sim2?
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How do you get mermaid in sim2 double deluxe?

You can't, there are no mermaids in any of the Sims games.

Sim2 how do teens get pregnant?

by downloading the teen pregnancy mod!! :)

Can you have a baby in sim2?

yes! if you get a double bed then make you two sims relax then click on one of the sims and click try for baby and then you sim will be able to become pregnant -when they are relaxing be one of the sims that is on the bed relaxing and clickon the other sim relaxing and click try for baby

Which sim2 expansion pack do you need to get your sims to propse to each other at a table?

Well,you must have Sims 2 Night Life

How do you play sim2 online?

go to sims 2 download i went there it was fun see ya

Can you get pregnant in Sims for the PS2?

No sorry, you can't get your Sims pregnant on Ps2. But you can get get them pregnant on Sims PC.

Can sim2 PS2 have babies?

NO the sims cant have babies. but they can get married. the cats & dogs however can (if you get them a pet house)

How do you make your sim2 people have a baby?

on the PC you make your sims in love or marrid and make them relax on the bed together then if you click on the girl or the boy it will say try for babey click on that and after you here the soft music after you women will get pregnant after a few

On The Sims 2 castaway can you sims get pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant in Sims 2 pets for PS2?

no you can only be pregnant in sims 2 and sims 3

How can you get pregnant on sims 2 pets not PC?

You can't get your Sims pregnant on any console Sims games. It has to be on the PC game in order to get your Sims pregnant.

Can teenagers get pregnant on the Sims 3?

No, teenagers can't fall pregnant on the Sims 3. None of the Sims games (Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3) allow a teenage Sim to fall pregnant.

How do you turn into an alien on sim2 on ps2?

Your sims can not turn into an alien but u can create a sim as an alien by clicking on what skin color for your sim

Can sims get pregnant in sims 3ds?


Can you make your elder sim pregnant in The Sims 2?

No, elder Sims can not get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant in Sims 3?

Well, yes, of course! If you could in Sims 2, then you could definitely get pregnant in Sims 3. ;)

Can kids get pregnant on the sims 2?

No. Only young adults and adults can get pregnant on The Sims.

Can child sims get pregnant on The Sims 2?

OF COURSE NOT! can real life children get pregnant???

Can you make a sim in sims 3 for iPhone pregnant?

no they can not you need to get sims ambitions to get pregnant

Can sims get pregnant on sims 2 for ds?

no you cant get pregnant on any handheld sims2

What sims can you get pregnant on?

The sims 2 for computers

Can sims get pregnant on Sims 2 for GameCube?


Can sims in Sims 3 get pregnant?


Can your sims get pregnant in The Sims 3 University Life?

If you are talking about being pregnant while in the university, then the answer would be a no. However, if you are talking about being pregnant at your hometown (Sunset Valley, Twinbrook etc), then your sims can get pregnant.

On what ps2 games can The Sims get pregnant?

you can on sims platinum and sims bustin out but these games you kiss 2 or 3 times and you have a baby. but on sims 2 some people say you can be pregnant but you have to find different ways to get pregnant

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