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Because people answer more than one question. However there are still many, many questions unanswered. It is an ongoing task that members of WikiAnswers enjoy doing.


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What is the difference between a girl and a boy why do people eat? what socks am i wearing? theres alot of idiots out that means theres alot of random\dumb questions

Wikianswers is not all that useless, it helps with some stuff. I think it's kind of useless too, but it's just because the contributors don't know enough to answer your questions. Its useless for a lot of things, but still, theres at least two questions it can answer for every one it cant, so really, its a good site.

when people see a question they know the answer to. theres no group of people that just do this, they are answered by people who are kind and do the right thing or by people who want to show off. -Glad to Help, Nick-

Same as other countries.. Gucci, DKNY, Chanel,Marchesta and , Calvin Klein theres loads, but I can't be asked to name them all :) hopefully I answered your questions:)

70% of 25 is 17.5. That is you will pass with 7 (7.5) questions wrong.

Don't use wiki for promoting, theres people with actual questions.

theres an action in the control tab that does that

of course lol theres actually a lot of questions asking that

The reason why is also answered by How, desieses spread through bodily fluids, theres no real reason "Why"

probly because theres like a milion questions so its kind of hard for one to stand out so fast

Searching on Bing or Google gives you a whole lot of info, but it is not organized in any way. WikiAnswers does a good job keeping info correct, but not overwhelming.

Dont Worry! Theres not. Have fun there. Any Questions! PLZZ LIKE!

a place where theres lots of people

This is the site! We answer any kind of questions in any kinds of categories! That's us! hi :) theres a clue in the name

You can get 60 questions wrong and get a 70 percent but if you get 61 wrong you are at a 69.5 percent.

Theres no certain time, bars in Rhode Island close it's all different times around this state, theres no possible way that question could be answered!

Um I Dont Know If Theres Actually A Most Common UnAnswered Question about true love? I Think About Every Question Has Been Answered Like Example- How Do You Know He/She's Your True Love Or Not? Answer- The Way He/She Makes You Feel

depends are you usually late on your periods or are they irregular? if you answered yes any of these questions than it may be normal to be late and theres a 50/50 chance so i suggest you buy a pregnancy test. Or if your always on time with your period and this time your late that theres a high possibility that you may be pregnant either way I suggest you get tested.

Go to with other questions and email him questions at theres a posting about that called "Pets"

This website. The one you just used. Theres a category for it.

Theres specific Line Scores, just try and answer the questions correctly to get a good score.

Theres many different type of people in Ecuador

There are very few people there but theres moisture everywhere.....

An acid rain is just like a mist. Theres not much effect on the animal.Its often that people make there questions sound scientifically reasonable. but if you think hard about them you can solve them.

i have no idea theres an app for that though. its called "not cluttering up wikianswers with my crap and going to a chruch instead" try it, changed my life.

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