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There is a branch of sociology known as -"Urban Sociology".Here we study the effects of urbanization on individuals and major social institutions such as marriage and family.

There has been a huge change in the basic value system of an individual in this modern industrial society, as a result of which certain basic structures of society(such as family) have changed.Foe eg. previously importance was given to a joint family , where the source of income was common(may be agriculture) and the family members used to stay together as one unit sharing sometimes a common kitchen.

But due to the demands of industrialization, people have moved from their native land in search of a job and have started to live in much smaller nuclear units with ,sometimes,both the parents working.

So, by studying minutely the changes of urbanization in Urban Sociology, we can understand the structure of a modern family in today's society.

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What is the role of sociology in the society?

succintly outline andenumerate the roles of the sociology in the understanding of the human society

Define industrial sociology?

Industrial sociology refers to the study of the impact of industry and labor on the society and how the society creates an impact to industrial forces. This can also mean as the study of industrialized place in the society.

What is the importance of sociology imagination when studying society?

There is great importance in sociology and imagination when studying society. Understanding sociology and imagination can help researchers find out what is important in the society that they are studying and why.

How can sociology contribute to an understanding of health?

From my perspective: Sociology is the study of society. If you understand you society, what is accepted within the society and what is not accepted you find ways to be yourself in a manner that others find acceptable. By being accepted within your space, you are more content and relaxed. Less stress leads to better mental and physical health.

Nature and scope of political sociology?

The nature and scope of political sociology focuses of various aspects of government and society. This will help in understanding how society interacts with politics.

What is the industrial society?

The definition of industrial society, in sociology, is a society that is driven by the use of technology to enable mass production. An industrial society has a high capacity for division of labor to hire a lot of people to support a large population.

What is your understanding about the subject of Sociology and how it can help you as a business student?


Scope of political sociology?

Political sociology is a study of politics linked with society. Political society has a vast scope for those who has interest in politics, as it provides the understanding of decision making authorities (government) and conflicting parties (society).

How does sociologist help us?

Sociology and sociologists have largely become ideological and, as such, have not contributed significantly to our understanding of society.

The importance of sociology?

SOCIOLOGY is important because it allows us to obtain information to our society... Through civic conciousness or awareness to the society, we innovate things that can help society progress. It contribute to the improvement of the standard of living through studying the structure of the society. And to grasp or understand the dilemma that we are experiencing.

What is the main task of sociology?

The main task of sociology is understanding the interactions between different people and how society works as a whole. The sociologist wants to understand why people behave the way they do.

The birth of the discipline of sociology took place during the development of which type of society?

Sociology developed in the midst of the social and intellectual upheaval surrounding the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.

What sociology means?

Sociology is the study of society.

What is areas sociology?

sociology is the study of society. So there are probably many areas of society

Sociology is the science of society justify this statement?

Sociology is the science of society justify this statement?

What is introdution to sociology in urdu?

sociology is the science of society

When was International Society for the Sociology of Religion created?

International Society for the Sociology of Religion was created in 1989.

How does sociology contribute knowledge in the study of economics?

The contribution that Sociology can make to the study of Economics is to enlighten us to the underlying social structure of the society in question, such as how are key decisions made, who has power and who doesn't, what core values shape and are shaped by economic dynamics, what is the class structure of the society.

What is the subject matter of sociology?

subject matter of sociology--- 1)sociology is the scientific study of society 2)sociology studies the inerractin and relation between different groups of which society is made up of.

Did industrial growth contribute positively or negatively to society?

it made labor more rewarding and increased standard of living

Why is sociology important in Nigeria?

Sociology is important in nigeria because it make it a better society because it has to do with the study of society.

Do pandas contribute to society?

They contribute to Panda society

What is the primary focus of sociology?

dhruv tanwani observed this- Sociology is a study of society-Sociology is an attempt to account for the origin, growth, structure, and activities of society by the operation of physical, vital, and psychical causes working together in a process of evolution.In words of Giddings," Sociology is the systematic description and explanation of society ,,viewed as whole."L.F.Ward says," Sociology is a scientific study of society." 2-Sociology is study of social relationship-The maximum sociologists have done advocacy of this factor.In words of MacIver and Page," Sociology is 'about' social relationship, the network of relationship wecall society." According to Durkheim ," Sociology is study of collective representations." Actually study of society and study of social relationship are not different concepts ,but both things are same. 3- Sociology is study of interaction-According to Max weber, small and Green social inter actions are more important than social relationship in construction of society. In words of George Small," Sociology is science of the forms of human relations". Max Weber accordingly," Sociology is science which attempts the interpretative understanding of human action." 4- Sociology is study of social groups-According to Hery Johnson," Sociology is study of social groups".thus sociology should do scientific study of social group. The structure, and organization of social groups are more important

Why is sociology important to individual and the society as a whole?

sociology is important because it help individuals (nurses) how to deal with people in the hospital and out of the hospital without sociology there will be a break down in society

What is amalgamation in sociology?

sociology subject play most important role in society