How can sociology contribute to an understanding of the family in a modern industrial society?

There is a branch of sociology known as -"Urban Sociology".Here we study the effects of urbanization on individuals and major social institutions such as marriage and family.

There has been a huge change in the basic value system of an individual in this modern industrial society, as a result of which certain basic structures of society(such as family) have changed.Foe eg. previously importance was given to a joint family , where the source of income was common(may be agriculture) and the family members used to stay together as one unit sharing sometimes a common kitchen.

But due to the demands of industrialization, people have moved from their native land in search of a job and have started to live in much smaller nuclear units with ,sometimes,both the parents working.

So, by studying minutely the changes of urbanization in Urban Sociology, we can understand the structure of a modern family in today's society.