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Q: How can solar flares affect communications satellites?
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How do solar flares affect people?

They don't affect people directly, but they can disrupt our electronic communications systems, particularly those dependent on satellites.

Does sun flare attack the earth in 2012?

No. There will be solar flares in 2012 - there are flares every year, even the last couple of years during the depth of the deepest solar minimum in the last century - but solar flares do not "attack the Earth". It is possible that a massive solar flare could cause communications outages, or damage satellites, or cause spectacular auroras - but that could happen ANY time. There were a few satellites damaged by solar flares during the last solar max, in 2002, but the doom-sayers were wrong about that one, too.

What kind of sentence can you use for solar flares?

The sun's solar flares often interfere with satellite communications.

How can solar flares affect Earth?

X-rays and UV radiation emitted by solar flares can affect Earth's ionosphere and disrupt long-range radio communications. Direct radio emission at decimetric wavelengths may disturb operation of radars and other devices operating at these frequencies.

What are the solar disturbance?

an overview of the basics of solar flares and other disturbances including CMEs and how they affect ionospheric HF radio propagation conditions for two way radio communications, maritime mobile radio communications, point to point radio communications and radio broadcasting.

What do solar flares do to satellites?

They can cause major damage or knock them out of orbit.

Why.(Had to put this otherwise,woldn't be able to post.Every 11 years, the sun has a period of large solar flares called sunspots. During this time extra solar energy is produced. How would this energy affect the ionosphere and some radio communications?

It would destroy the ionspehere and thats where radio communications travel? (Accidently deleted answer of mine) ALso the solar flares would interfere with radio waves making them unable to travel

Do solar flares destroy satellites?

Yes it does, if powerful enough. Wiki Telstar 401.

What are solar flares and how do they affect our solar system?

Solar flares are explosions of gas made around the Sun and I dont know about the Solar System but they affect our planet by: If the solar fluctuations reach our planet they can knock out all power

Why do sun spots effect Earth?

Sunspots affect the Earth's ionosphere the most. More solar wind (wind caused by sunspots) will interfere with satellites, and also causes the ionosphere to swell. They affect Earth because of the magnetic activity caused by the sunspots and solar flares.

How does weather satellite impact your lives?

Because if there are solar flares than those satellites get hurt!

What sun activity effects power grids?

Solar flares, it also affects satellite communications

Can a solar flare stop the Earth's rotation?

No. Solar flares do not affect Earth's rotation.

Does the atmosphere on Sun have storms?

Yes. These storms get so large they shoot into space in the form of solar flares. Large solar flares even affect our weather.

What are solar flares and how do they affect us here on earth?

solar flares are things that come shooting down off the sun and then they hit earth and make an earth quake

Why are solar flares important to the average person in US?

they send magnetic energy which can effect the radio waves, television satellites, cellphone satellites, and different things like that on earth.

Things in the night sky starting with s?

Sun, Stars, Sagitarius, Space dust, Satellites, Solar flares, Saturn

What layer of the earth do solar flares affect?

solar flares would demolish all of earth but if small they probably would not affect us. remember wee are about 94.1 million miles away from the sun.

What is the damage that a solar flare could do?

Solar flares cause absolutely no damage to the Earth, or to any of us humans and animals who live on the Earth. However, our fragile technology is another story. Strong changing magnetic fields can induce a current in a wire; the greater the change and the longer the wire, the stronger the current. In the 1870s', at least one early telegraph station burned down because of a spark caused by current induced in the telegraph wires by electromagnetic storms. Today, our computers, radios and satellites may be vulnerable to strong solar flares; at least a few satellites have been disabled by solar radiation. We've known about this for decades, but we're still not sure how well we have done in hardening our satellites against severe flares. To be honest, an average flare and solar storm would have almost no effect at all; it would have to be a pretty strong storm to affect things. But we can expect at least a few outages of radio communications over the next few years.

What effect does a strong solar flare have on Earth?

Solar flares disrupt the Earth's magnetic fields, causing disturbance in many electronics, especially communications equipment.

Why are cell phone companies concerned about sunspots?

the cause sun spots create prominences the solar flares that interferes with earth's satellites

What is the difference between solar flares and sun flares?

There is no difference between solar flares and sun flares, although "solar flare" is the more correct term.

How do solar flares affect psychic abilities?

They don't. Next question, please . . .

What are energy blasts from the sun's atmosphere that can affect radio transmissions called?

solar flares

Why can artificial satellites be seen in clear night sky?

Satellites reflect the light of the Sun. So in the hour after sunset or before sunrise, the satellite is still up in the sunlight, and we can see them. Once the satellite passes into the Earth's shadow, they disappear.Some satellites in higher orbits such as communications or cell-phone satellites orbit further from the Earth and stay in the sunlight longer. The "Iridium" satellites, with their enormous solar energy collectors, are sometimes exceptionally brilliant when they precisely reflect the Sun's light back to Earth. These occurrences are called "Iridium flares".