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Part of it is genetic, but exercise is the key. Get up, get going! Thinking too much about your diet will drive you crazy. Get on a good diet (I recommend "Weight Watchers) and no, I don't work for them. I use them at least once a year. It's not so much dieting, but learning to eat correctly. People are extremely busy in their lives so we can often get off our good eating regiments and it's time for a tune-up. Then get out and go fast-walking with a friend, go swimming, join a gym (if you know you'll stick to going 3 times a week) or go biking and I don't mean sitting on a Harley-Davidson! LOL If you pay as you go at a gym (the best way to go) you can find out from the trainer what exercises you need to do to flatten your tummy and strengthen those bun muscles. Good luck!

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Q: How can somebody be underweight when they only add on excessive fat to the stomach and bum when weight is increased?
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How do you tell if you are overweight or underweight?

If you are overweight, than you will have a bigger stomach and won't be too athletic. Underweight people are very skinny and weigh little.

What is excessive stomach gas in babies mean?

Excessive gas can cause colic.

What is the medical term meaning the excessive secretion of gastric juice or mucus in the stomach?

gastrorrheaHyperchloridia is excessive secretion of gastric acid. Gastrorrhea is a general term meaning excessive secretion in the stomach.gastrorrhea

What causes excessive burping?

Excessive stomach acid can cause excessive burping. Drinking carbonated beverages such as soda and beer can also cause excessive burping.

Can excessive sugar intake cause stomach ache?


What is gastrorrhexis?

excessive secretion of gastric juice or mucus in the stomach

What is an enlarged stomach called?

A stomach generally becomes enlarged because the space inside has increased. Therefore, an enlarged stomach is usually called gastric dilation.

What does excessive stomach acid cause?

If there is too much stomach acid and not enough stomach mucus, ulcers may form on the stomach wall. Also, excess stomach acid may enter the esophagus through the cardiac sphincter and cause what is commonly known as heartburn.

What causes belching?

When we eat food , air gets in the food pipe and then to the stomach . Excessive air goes out from the stomach and the air vibrates in the oesophagus and goes out causing belching

You have lower back pain and fullness of the stomach what could be wrong?

Could you be pregnant? Check that if not could be you are either having excessive gas in your stomach or blotting or digestive problems.

Is an antacid an acid or a base?

An antacid is a base because it is used to help neutralise excessive acid in the stomach.

When somebody starves and their stomach gets small when they eat enough do they gain a lot of weight?

Not nessecarily, no.

Can someone with cystic fibrosis die from getting punched in the stomach?

Punching someone is the stomach that has CF is no different than punching someone in the stomach that doesn't have CF. Either way - it's not a nice thing to do to somebody!

Do dogs lick if their stomach is upset?

Yes, excessive salivation and licking or drooling is one symptom of nausea in dogs.

What can cause someone to feel sick to their stomach all the time?

Excessive anxiety (or nervous tension) is the leading cause.

Why does someone who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol yell out in their sleep or moan?

probably something that affected their brain or stomach

What molecule is being digested when the food mush with digestive juices in the stomach?

i have no idea ask somebody else

What are some of the symptoms of a stomach virus?

Symptoms of a stomach virus are for example dizziness, Headaches, muscle ache, Excessive thirst, etc. Yet it can still have more symtoms, but these are common ones.

Why is the inside of a frogs stomach folded?

increased surface area which allows for more efficient digestion

Why does your stomach have folds in its walls?

It increases surface area for increased secretion and absorption. And they are called rugae.

Pathophysiology of peptic ulcer disease?

Cause of peptic ulcer is the increased acidity in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid destroys a stomach wall and forms an ulcer. If the blood vessels are destroying in the stomach wall the bleeding are forming.

Why might you have blood in your stomach?

The most obvious explanations are injury and ulcer. Cancer is another cause. Excessive use of blood thinners (Advil, for example) can also cause blood to seep into the stomach.

What is the molluscum looking spot you have on your stomach?

It is difficult if not impossible to tell somebody what a "spot" is without being able to see it.

Could stomach acid burn you?

Yes, stomach acid can burn. Gastric acid contains hydrochloric acid, which is a very strong acid. However, the lining of the stomach is protected by a layer of mucus, which prevents the acid from burning the stomach. However, a weakness in the mucus layer or excessive production of stomach acid can result in an ulcer. Excessive vomiting can damage the esophagus due to the burning effects of stomach acid. In addition, excessive vomiting can also damage the teeth for the same reason. However, it's not easy to get burned by your own stomach acid. You won't hurt yourself if you accidentally get vomit on your skin, for example. However, heavy vomiting and frequent heartburn can cause damage to your esophagus, and ulcers can develop and become very painful. You should eat a proper diet, and always consult a doctor if you have frequent heartburn or other pain symptoms in your stomach or lower chest.

What causes heavy stomach cramps yet no heavy flow just dot?

It depends on your weight believe it or not if your UNDERWEIGHT than your cramps will be more frequent and painful and will just be left with a dot