How can someone describe themself as being fabulous?

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fabulous n.
1extremely pleasing; "a fabulous vacation"
2based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity; "mythical centaurs"; "the fabulous unicorn"
3barely credible; "the fabulous endurance of a marathon runner"

The word fabulous can be used to describe someone who is a wonderful character, or more commonly fabulous is used by the homosexual community to describe someone who is gay and proud.
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What does it mean when someone is described as being successful?

Answer . There can be many forms of success. A woman can have children, raise them well, keep a good home and be active out in social groups and she's considered successful in her own right. A man can become a mechanic and be the best at his job and that's successful. It goes on and on. Some ( Full Answer )

Is it considered cannibalism if someone eats themself?

The definition of Cannibalism is put as: . can⋅ni⋅bal⋅ism . /ˈkænəbəˌlɪzəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kan-uh-buh-liz-uhm] -noun 1. the eating of human flesh by another human being. 2. the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of its own kind. ( Full Answer )

What is a word with the root word -vert- which describes someone as being sometimes extroverted and sometimes introverted?

I don't believe that such a term exists. If it does, it isn't in any kind of popular use. I came upon this question while researching the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which categorizes personality on four fundamental axes... one of which is 'Extroversion' and 'Introversion'. I suppose that, to ( Full Answer )

Can You Describe Being Popular?

Well this is what I found online: Though what I think is that you are liked and respected by many people. Others enjoy being around you. It doesn't always have to be that your sassy and mean and sit at the "popular" table. You can also be a really nice person. . -adjective . 1. . regarded with fa ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when someone is being short with you?

Curt, less than polite. They are not giving you respect. Their expression is without feeling or consideration. It is, unlike this wonderful, fulsome, delightfully amusing and alliterative answer, without much regard for you. Sorry it took me so long to explain !

What do you do if you are being accused of stalking someone when you are not?

Nothing you can do. They will think you are a lier and a stocker. . Tell the person not to flatter themselves so much. Without concrete evidence and with you properly defending yourself, it should not get far. Maybe counter with a defirmation of character. Or play it up and turn it on them. You hav ( Full Answer )

Describe being part of a team?

A team consist of a group of people who are working together forthe success of one another or to achieve a goal with the help ofone another. To work in a team requires communication. A teamprovides support and encouragement to all the people connected aspart of the team.

What do people mean when they describe someone as being an 'english rose'?

An English rose is a very pretty flower indeed ! It's a very nice compliment. An English Rose suggests great beauty & purity. Updated answer: The term 'English rose' actually refers to a woman's complexion and coloring. It is a phrase used to describe a woman with pale/fair and flawless skin and a ( Full Answer )

Should you tell someone i.e. counselor or teacher if a friend is cutting themself but are not suicidal?

If you have the opportunity to talk with a trusted counselor then please do that, you will gain a better understanding and if things get worse you'll know who to turn to for help Addition- Yes, or a parent that you can trust! It is very important to tell someone if something like that is happen ( Full Answer )

Is this sentence grammatically correct I have never seen someone so clearly unaware of theirself - or is it themself?

The term theirself is not a word. The suffix "self" is only applied to the pronouns my, your, him, or her (singular), and "selves" to our, your, or them (plural) "I have never seen someone so clearly unaware of himself (or herself)" would be proper form. (But the exact meaning here is still v ( Full Answer )

Where is Fabulous from?

there are these awesome people called Mikayla A, Sophie C, Emma R, Aimie S, Paria A and Meghan H they are cool as and they still egzist they go to MBS Primary NZ they rule the school if you meet them you might think they arnt fabulous but trust me they are if you meet them you should get there signa ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with describing someone as being schizophrenic?

Describing someone as schizophrenic is not using person-firstlanguage. Person-first language is putting the person before thedisorder, so that you do not refer to someone as being theirdisorder. Saying that someone is schizophrenic implies that thatperson is defined by schizophrenia. Instead of sayi ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when someone says 'Jasper Hale is described as being quite shy'?

It means people have described him as a rather shy person. Meaning his character has a shy attitude.. (i´m a different person) he isn't really shy... the fact that he is a new "vegetarian", makes it a little hard for him to socialize to humans (for example:bella) .. They meant that he does not ( Full Answer )

Describe yourself as a human being?

Since we are all human beings, this is an odd question. You canpossibly use descriptive words that give insight into yourcharacter and personality.

Can a person make themself like someone?

it should be possible because every one likes this boy i know and his friend is pig ugly and i didn't like him but now i do because i made myself and now i love him

What is being described in the last line?

its means that i am the only one who can control me or can judge me nobody has a write to judge me or take decisions regarding my life i am the captain of my soul ........

How can you tell if someone is being bullied?

Easy. If someone is acting depressed, and has everyone staring at them. I was a victim and I felt this way. Moving to CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS helps to prevent this. I had theses experiences, and I know the truth.

How to tell if someone is being abused?

Change in behavior is definitely a big factor. probably in emotion too. look for things in a person to really scan that you feel have changed. Also, bruises or cuts may be a sign of abuse, followed by the actions above. And , if you see they ALWAYS where long pants , long sleeves , or if they ra ( Full Answer )

What are the signs of someone being bullied?

depression, quietness, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, low morale, school grades going down, and so on. Mainly the signs are 1. A light look on the face like they are trying to smile but not 2. person would spend a lot of the time moping or hibernating in their room 3. Mood swings 4 ( Full Answer )

Can you describe the supreme beings in Mormonism?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) believe that God the Father is our literal Father in Heaven. He is the Father of our spirits, and we were created in His image (Genesis 1:27). God the Father has a body that looks like a human man, alt ( Full Answer )

What philosopher's ideas are being described?

What philosopher's ideas are being described? He believed in the theory of "ideas" and "forms." Elements in the physical world-a desk, a man, a dog-areimperfections of shadows of the eternal, perfect ideas of a desk, aman, a dog. Plato

How can you help someone who is being cyberbullied?

the biggest thing you could do is to ignore it because the cyberbully might be halfway around the world! no that's the worst thing to do. tell an adult or the police - wow - ignoring the prob. can only make it worse !

What shoud you do when someone is being mean to you?

The most effective thing to do is to walk away. This provides little reinforcement - for their behavior to continue. If this involves a meaningful relationship, then also let them know you might be willing to return to the conversation when mutual respect is agreed to.

Why does someone stop being a preacher?

If you mean preacher as in a priest, this is mostly because all priests have to live a life of abstinence, and some just can't live through their whole life without having sex. This is also why you see a lot of church sex scandals with little alter boys.

Would you let someone go home if they stabbed themself with a knife after they got medical care?

It depends on how old the person was, if they were a minor, if they were supervised by a parent or a few more factors. Why did they stab themselves? To get attention? By accident? If they were mentally stable I would feel OK but, if someone indeed just stabbed themselves regardless of ( Full Answer )

How would you describe being conned?

Being cheated, or swindled. e.g. if something is a con then its unfairly cheated you out of your money (like all fairground games)

Can someone Astral Project themself and harm you while you are or are not Astral Projecting aswell?

Yes, there can be harm i actually did OOBE which means out of body experience you can get stuck in somepoint when your walking around the house or anywhere you choose to go. But NEVER EVER GET FAR AWAY FROM YOUR BODY YOU WILL GET LOST IF YOU DO! You could see stuff moving if you bother the thing mov ( Full Answer )

What word describe humans beings?

Well there isn't really one word to describe our kind. I would say, creative, cruel, kind, idiotic, living, and evil. There are many things, maybe even 500 words to describe us. But I guess you can say we're also solid/liquid/gas (because of the oxygen, water, skin, etc.) since this question is in ( Full Answer )

Can someone kill themself leagally?

A person cannot legally kill themselves. However, a person can sign what is known as a DNR, or a Do Not Resuscitate form, which means doctors or medical staff cannot attempt to revive a person who dies suddenly. This is generally accepted as a legal way of killing one's self.

What jobs are described as being tertiary?

Tertiary means third, so tertiary jobs are third level jobs such as administrative support, mailroom workers, technical support, call center workers etc. These jobs typically have a higher turnover.

How do you deal with someone cutting themself for because of you?

nobody can make anoher person self harm. if somebody decides to cutthemselves, then that is on them. dont pput yourself down forsomeone elses actions. i have cut myself for 4 years, and i wouldnever tell anyone that they made me make the descision to cutmyself. it is not your fault, i promise you.