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Sonic could meet NIGHTS by simply going to sleep and entering nightopia.

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Q: How can sonic meet nights?
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Can sonic ever meet nights?

yes sonic can but i don't know if the sega people make a game about that anyway he can by sleeping and meet her in the dream gate

Who will win nights or sonic?


How old is Nights from the Sonic Game?

first, nights is not a sonic character. she was only an extra in sonic rider, becauz is of sega. second, i dunno...

Does sonic love nights?

does sonic love NIGHTS? Yeah. Sonic just loves a genderless flying thing YEAH RIGHT XD

When did Sonic meet Sonic?

Sonic IS Sonic... XD If you mean when did Modern Sonic meet Classic Sonic, that was in Sonic Generations.

How old is NIGHTS?

nights is fifteen sme as sonic another sega character

How does sonic meet Amy rose?

Sonic met Amy on Little Planet in Sonic CD, they meet as she gets kidnapped by Metal Sonic.

In sonic adventure there are NIGHTS pinball in there?

Yes there is a lvl with NIGHTS, but they're only as a buckground.

When did sonic and Amy meet?

They met when Sonic saved her from Metal Sonic.

When did amy meet sonic?

She met sonic when he saved her in sonic CD

Which game did sonic meet tails?

sonic 2

When does Espio meet Sonic in Sonic X?

He doesnt

When did Amy meet werehog sonic?

in sonic unleashed.

How sonic meet Amy?

Sonic met Amy when she was kidnapped by Metal Sonic.

How do you get big the cat on sonic dx?

just meet him with another character, i know you meet him with sonic at the end

Is there a Sonicx episode that has NiGHTS and Reala in it?

that is totally impossible how could nights and reala be in sonic X series we call it sonic X not nights X or something like that you got to be kidding me and just for the record this is the dumbest question I heard on

When did Sonic meet tails?

Sonic met Tails in the 1992 videogame, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Can you meet Sonic the Hedgehog?

Unfortunately you can't as Sonic is a fictional character.

What episode of sonic x does sonic meet the super sweeper?

he dosent

Is NiGHTS going appear in sonic x?

No,Sonic x ended years ago and there is no proof an another season.

How do you get nights in sonic riders?

Complete all missions to unlock Ulala, Aiai and Nights. For Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, complete all missions to unlock Nights, Amigo and I think Billy Hatcher, I have them unlocked I just haven't played the game in ages.

What episode did sonic and tails meet?

in sonic x you can find it write sonic x episode 18.

Does classic metal sonic ever meet modern metal sonic?

in the old sonic movie, yeah!

Is there a video game that shows when sonic and tails meet?

Sonic the hedgehog 2

What is the episode where sonic and tails meet?

in episode 18 can someone answer how sonic tails knuckuls Amy chris cream and cheese meet cosmo p.s. i love sonic he is cute