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Was it evacuated and charged properly? Check heater control valve is not stuck in the open position

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โˆ™ 2007-04-13 14:47:44
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Q: How can the AC for a Honda civic 1993 be made cooler -changed the copmressor the valves the dryer and the evaporator already and it's not just cold enough what could be the problem?
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Why is the Air conditioning not taking hot air out?

Sounds like a problem which involves the evaporator, although the problem may not necessarily be at the evaporator.

1994 Jeep Grand Cheroke instrument panel light wont come on you have already change the fusesThis is not the problem What is the problem?

im having the same problem.. changed the bulbs, changed the fuse.. took the switch apart and put it back together

Is it possible for the evaporator valve to stick in a 1997 Camaro RS and how hard is it to change?

I am not exactly sure of what you are asking but there is not an evaporator valve. There is an evaporator core that resembles a radiator and there are not any parts that can stick. The only problem they have is leaking. There is an orfice that goes in the inlet to the evaporator and it has no moving parts.It can get stopped up and cause the high side pressure to get higher than normal.

Why will your ac turn on but not blow cold air?

could have too much freon in it or air is not going thru evaporator If comp runs Check if return line is cold at the comp If it is then you know it is an evaporator problem

Recalls york AC evaporator coil?

Yes there was 2 of them. Both coils were prone to leaks after about a year. Contact your local YORK dealer to see if your evaporator coil model # and serial # are part of the problem coils.

Why does your temp gauge change all the time When the thermostat has already been changed?

I had this problem on a 2001 Ford Fiesta. I ended up having to get the temparature gauge sender unit replaced.

If a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee is not getting spark and the coil was changed already what else could be the problem?

Easiest check would be the cap and rotor then move on to a bad crank sensor

Your Honda accord is jumping when changing gears mechanic said that ignition coil was the problem. and that was already changed 3 times in 1 week. what is the problem Check Engine is still On..?

if the problem was not fixed the second time it is recommended that you take your car to an authorized Honda repair shop

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When running the air water links on the passager side?

If it is leaking on the passenger side, out side of the vehicle, then this is normal. It is condensation coming from the evaporator core. If it is leaking INSIDE the vehicle, then you have a clogged evaporator core vent drain. Clearing the drain should clear the problem.

How to connect the Air con for a Mazda mx6?

Your question needs more information as to what you are trying to connect !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, on the evaporator side you have a relay, fan unit and i think some sort of temprature control unit that is bolted in front of the evaporator. I need to reconnect this lot. The problem being the push-in connectors are not there on loom. I have the wiring at the evaporator. "Small fire melted the connectors." If i can determan what does what i can figure it.

What to do to fix p0171 for Ford Ranger?

I have had the same issue for awhile also. Wonder if you figured it out. I already changed so many parts in it. Today I replaced the intake gaskets and made the problem worse. The best I can think of at this point is the mass air flow sensor which will be changed soon.

91 firebird randomly dies on you already changed the fuel filter and it doesnt matter at what speed you go doesnt do it all the time but it does do it?

you should check out the oxygen sensor.I had a problem like that with a Pontiac myself.

What would keep the Fuel pump relay from working the pump fuel?

Bad relay, No power to relay, Wiring from relay to pump and our most likely problem is, the fuel pump is bad. changed it already

Why does an AC leak water inside the car and how do you fix this problem?

your drain line for your ac evaporator core is plugged up. A service station can blow this out for you.

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How do you change a evaporator on 2001 Saturn?

The evaporator is the coil that's inside the air handling system under the dashboard. It's similar in operation to a radiator, except that it makes the air cold. To replace the evaporator you really should have a shop manual that has pictures and diagrams. It's not an easy process and will require that much of the heating system be disassembled, along with peripheral equipment that may obscure access. Before replacing the evaporator, make certain that it really is the problem. The only real reason to replace an evaporator coil is if it is leaking. Most AC leaks originate around the compressor seal, the schrader valves or the rubber hoses.

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Your 94 accord starts with no problem however when you drive it for a while It will stop sudently you have already changed the ignition switchbut that was not the problemCan it be the main relay?

check your ignition coil. that's what happen to me when the engine get hot the car stop.

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when the load increases the amount of vapor increases , so the pressure inside the evaporator increases and as we r in the wet region inside the evaporator the pressure and the temp. are proportional so the temp. too will increase but we use some valves to fix this problem , for example thermostatic expansion valve it helps add more m dot of the refrigerant so the amount of heat from the load will be distributed over a larger mass so the pressure inside the evaporator will remain the same