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The custodial parent who receives child support payments is legally required to use the funds for the welfare of the child/children for living necessities, educational costs and so forth. The custodial parent is considered the conservator of the minor child/children and is not required to give said children any of the support money for their personal use unless they choose to do so.

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If a parent is receiving payments of child support arrearages can the adult children file a petition to get some of that money?


Does a parent receiving child support get less many if she gets support from her other child's parent?

That should have no effect.

How is a child support given to guardian by parent receiving child support?

the guardian should file to have the order transferred to them as well as file on the parent currently receiving it to also pay. Or the obligor parent should file for custody.

Can custodial parent receiving public assistance stop child support and arrears?

No. If the state is supporting the mother and child the mother has no right to free the father from his responsibility to support his own children. The state will pursue him for child support.

What can you do if you know a parent receiving child support but doesn't have custody of the children?

Encourage the person or persons with legal custody to file for child support modification or diversion of funds to them. If they do not have legal custody, that must be established or child support will continue to go to the person of record, the parent, in this case.

If a father was receiving child support in Texas and the child chooses to live with the other parent do you have to pay the other parent child support?

You must file to stop child support along with a change of custody.

The custodial parent is receiving social security for himself and for the two girls and now are receiving child support how does the child support affect the social security he is receiving?

As he's on SSD, none at all.

Can ex spouse refuse child support?

In most states, no, the custodial parent cannot refuse child support. Very few states allow the custodial parent to decline receiving child support.

What if the custodial parent has no children living with her but gets child support?

That parent probably should not be receiving 'Child Support' then, unless it is back child support that the other parent owed from beforehand or the children in question are attending school (including post secondary, even if they are not living at home anymore). Different jurisdictions have different rules, however, so you'll have to consult a lawyer familiar with the appropriate laws.

In the state of Mississippi if a child moves in with the parent paying child support can child support be terminated or enforced on the parent previously receiving support?

Yes, but you'd have to file an amendment (order modification) to the existing order with a request for support for yourself.

Is it legal for a collection agency to garnish child support?

No, child support is for the child/children and is not subject to creditor attachment. If the support payments are deposited in a checking account that has other monies, the receiving debtor parent must show proof to the court that the support funds are exempt from garnishment.

How do you emancipate a child from child support?

Children are not "emancipated" from child support. They are "entitled" to financial support by the non-custodial parent. In general, children become emancipated by leaving their parent(s)' house and becoming self-supporting. Child support is usually not due for an emancipated child.

If the custodial parent is on SSI disability are the benefits considered a source of income when determining child support in Indiana?

The custodial parent (the one who has the child/children) is receiving SSI that is not included in the decision of the amount of support paid by the non custodial parent. If the non custodial parent is receiving SSD or SSI or other public assistance it is included in the decision for the amount of child support granted and such benefits can be garnished. Please click on the related links below: Public Web A non custodial parent, unfortunately, cannot be forced to pay child support!! What kind of country do we live in??

Can the parent not receiving child support sign a form to stop Writ of Bodily Attachment?


Can you still get child support if the noncustodial parent is receiving SSI?

In this situation a perons's income is considered too low to have child support enforced.

Your children are grown you receive child support now how is this possible?

Once the child is 18 you stop receiving/giving child support.

If a parent has a disability and the child receives payment from the government and not the parent with the disability does the parent still owe child support on his disability income?

If a child is receiving money from the government because one parent has a disability, chances are that the parent will not be expected to pay child support in addition to that money. The court order that is in place controls what happens regarding support.

Can a medical condition exempt you from child support?

No. Illness and/or physical impairment does not relieve a parent the obligation to support his or her minor child/children. Even if said person is receiving SSD and/or some other type of disability benefits those benefits can be garnished for child support.

Can child support be terminated if child is removed from custodial parents home due to abuse?

Yes the child support can be revoked since the parent receiving support is no longer legally supporting the child

In the state of Texas if you are seventeen and your parent is receiving child support does the child have to live at home for parent to continue child support?

Yes. Child support is for the "custodial parent". If you are not living at home with your custodial parent, then they are no longer eligible to receive child support. However, the non-custodial parent can request a modification if the child is no longer living with the custodial parent and that includes a change of custody. A 17 yr old is not emancipated in Texas, unless proper procedures through the courts have taken place. If that is the case, then the custodial parent and child are no longer eligible for child support.

What is the definition of child support?

Generally, in a divorce when one parent is awarded the custody of the children, the other parent is ordered to pay child support so the child can share in the standard of living of both parents. It is the amount of money the non custodial parent must pay to help meet the expenses associated with raising their child on a daily basis. When determining the amount of child support, the courts must consider the state child support guidelines, the parents' income and earning capacity and the amount of time the children spend with either parent. Child support must be paid until the child is 18 years of age. If the child is living with the receiving parent and is in high school, child support will end when the child completes 19 years of age or graduates whichever occurs first.

Does a father need to pay child support to the mother if the child does not live with her?

A parent must obey the child support order. A custodial parent may be serving in the military with the child under temporary guardianship. That is no reason to stop paying child support. If the child isn't living with the custodial parent who is receiving child support the matter must be brought before the court.

Does a court order for child support give the parent receiving the support automatic full custody of that child?

No. Custody and child support are two different legal issues and they are addressed separately.

If the noncustodial parent is receiving unemployment in Alabama and he owes child support in Florida will they automatically hold child support?

It's not automatic. I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency.

Can child support stop if your children don't wish to visit their father?

No. The parent is still the parent and must support the child they produced until they are 18.