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The owner's manual tells you how to lower the chime volume, it is changed through the radio. It's not possible to completely silence it.


With the car turned on and the radio off press # 6 on your radio buttons and that will change it from normal to loud (even though the normal is loud as it is).

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Q: How can the chime volume be dramatically lowered on your 2005 GMC Yukon XL?
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How do you disable seat belt chime on 2011 gmc sierra?

Beside the dash cluster on the left there's an information button. Push it until you see chime volume on your dash, where your mileage is. You can turn the volume to the chime up and down or off.

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What fuse do you pull or what do you unplug to stop the dinging noise when the door is open on a 2004 gm Yukon?

You want to remove the door chime, it's under the dash and is the largest rectangular plug in box of the elect. panel to the left of the brake pedal. Pull the entire retangular component out of the panel, the chime will stop if you get the right one. Or with a bright light you should be able to read "Chime" next to the now empty slot for the removed piece. I removed the center fuse which was for the "DEFOG". I have like four other plugs with several wires coming out of them and they are all the same size. I am looking at the manuel and none of them say "Chime". Please help

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Do you mean the key in ignition chime?

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