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If the couple are unmarried paternity must be established before a child support petition can be filed. If the father refuses to take a paternity test the court can order him to do so. The matter of not knowing his last name is indeed troubling and may be reason enough for the court to deny any motion for testing or support. Contact the department of family and children's services or the state health and human services in the state of residency for assistance.

2006-07-25 17:41:26
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What documents are needed to ask for support if father is unknown on birth certificate?

If the father is unknown, you can't file for support.

Can you sue your child's father for child support if his name is not on the birth certificate?

Yes. Paternity must be established before support is ordered.

If I don't put the father on the birth certificate is he still required to pay child support?

Yes..My husband has a court ordered child support and he is Not listed on the birth certificate of his Son.

If you are not the bioligical father and sign the birth certificate can the bioligical father still be ordered to pay child support?

Yes, but then you would lose your rights as the child's legal father.

Can a mother refuse a DNA to the father if another man is on the birth certificate?

Not if it's court ordered. If another man signed the birth certificate and the mother knew he was not the biological father she is guilty of fraud. The father can ask for a court ordered DNA test to prove he is the biological father and she can not refuse this. He can then proceed to get his name on the birth certificate and also get visitation, pay child support and petition for custody.

How can the father avoid paying the court ordered child support?

He can't avoid court ordered child support.

Can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if another man's name is listed as father on the birth certificate?

Yes if, e.g., genetic testing establishes that someone other than the man who is listed on the birth certificate is the child's father. Also, in Illinois, the man who signed the birth certificate has 60 days to rescind his acknowledgment.

Biological father did not sign birth certificate can my new husband adopt my child?

yes,i think your husband can adopt your child.Without notification, the father can challenge. The man need not have ever signed or seen the birth certificate to still be ordered to pay child support.

Can a mother bring his to child to other country without the consent of the father in which the father name is not mention in the child birth certificate?

Depends. Even if he is not on the birth certificate he can still have a court ordered visitation and pay child support. In that case she needs both his and the courts permission.

Can you still receive child support from the alleged father if another person's name is on the birth certificate?

No, the father on the birth certificate is financially responsible unless proven that he's not the father by DNA. About 12 years ago in the state of NJ The court ordered me to pay child support to the biological father (Dna test showed I was not the biological father) The court called me the psychological father so in the courts opinion I was her father. And like the biological Mother he also drank it away.

If your child is a teen and you want to file for support but the birth certificate says father is unknown who is responsible to pay for the DNA test if the father denies paternity?

Under UK Child Support law, the CSA would order the test and if he is proved to be the father he would pay for the test after the event.

How do you get child support if the father is not legal?

He can still be ordered to pay. But, if you were the father, than nothing.

Can the father of the child be ordered to quit school to support his child?


Does a father have to back pay child support from when they sign the birth certificate or from the date the child was born?

Neither ... the " father " has to pay owed child support only when there is an existing case open and ordered to pay said support by a family court judge ... And subsequently has not met all payments if any at all ...

If the bioligical father wants to sign away his rights as a parent and another man signs the birh certificate can the bioligical father sill be ordered to pay child support?

Any such action has to be approved by the courts. See related question

Can i put a man that is not biologically my child's father on her birth certificate if he voluntarilly signs paternitythere is no name father named on her birth cert bio father ordered to pay support?

Too many people involved. Leave the birth certificate as it is. Let the biological father continue to pay child support. If the current man marries you and wishes to adopt the child, then that is another matter. Seek legal advice before doing anything to change the birth certificate. No. This would be fraud unless the child is adopted by your boyfriend.

Can a paternity test be ordered after a father signs a birth certificate?

Yes, but in some States this must be done fairly soon after the birth certificate was signed.

If the father does not sign the birth certificate because the baby does not keep his last name does he still have the responsibility to pay child support?

Yes he does. The mother can request a court-ordered paternity test. If the test is positive then the court will issue a child support order and the father can request a visitation order as well.

Does a father have to pay child support even tho he is not the biological father and signed the birth certificate?

When he signed the birth certificate he became the father until/unless the courts rule otherwise.

Do you have to pay child support if your not the biological father but your the father on birth certificate?

Yes, unless you have proved to the court that you are not biologically the father.

If you sign birth certificate do you have to pay child support if later you are found to not be the father?

No. However, if the alleged father has signed the birth certificate, he is acknowledging that the child is his. There are steps to take in order to be taken off of the birth certificate and relieved of the obligation of child support, including a paternity test and an amendment to the birth certificate.

If the child lives with father but the mother received custody in the divorce does father still pay the mother child support?

If the divorce ordered the father to pay support, he owes that support until/unless the order is modified.

If my name is on birth certificate and not the father do i still have to pay child support?

Unless you sue the real father, and make him cover the child support. Otherwise, yes, if it is on there you are legally the father.

Can your sons father get in trouble for not paying childsupport?

It depends. Assuming the courts have ordered child support, then not paying child support violates that order and the father can be arrested.

Does a father have to pay child support when the mother refuses to list him as father on the birth certificate?

Not really. It depends on the situation.