How can the line 'nature always wears the colors of the spirit' be paraphrased?

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2015-04-28 21:07:34

How to paraphrase

  • Paraphrase is defined as "...a restatement of a text or passage

    in another form or other words, often to clarify".

  • Use a DICTIONARY & THESAURUS to find other words for

    "nature", "always", "wears", "colors" and "spirit".These two books

    are the best sources for finding words with which to paraphrase



  • "Nature" = creation/world/universe....

  • "Always" = forever/eternally....

  • "Wears" = dons/adorns/sports/clads....

  • "Colors" = hues/pigments/tones....

  • "Spirit" = psyche/mind/soul....

  • CHOOSE the words that most closely mean he same thing as the

    wording that you wish to paraphrase and ARRANGE them in a manner

    that best relates the original meaning of what you are



  • Creation's Mother forever dons the hues of the psyche.

  • The world is eternally clad in pigments of the soul.

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