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The termination of parental rights is done in two ways either voluntarily by the parent(s) or involuntarily by the court. One parent cannot force the other to give up their rights to a child/children, they can petition the court for sole custody. Howevr, the non custodial parent will still be allowed visitation rights unless there are mitigating circumstances such as the parent having been proved to be abusive.

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Q: How can the mother of a 16-year-old have the father's paternal rights terminated?
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Yes. And it's not the mother who gets his rights terminated, it is the court.

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Can the mother of a 17-year-old move her from the mother's home to an out of state residence without informing the minor's father?

Only if the biological father of the 17-year-old has had his paternal rights terminated either voluntarily or by order of the court.

Can a mother refuse to allow a father to give up paternal rights?

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

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