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It was weak in its military, but was a golden age for economy and the arts.

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How can song dynasty be best described?

weak military but it was the golden age for arts and the arts

How can the Tany Dynasty be best described?

It was geographically large, had tributary states, and was prosperous.

How can the tang dynasty be best described?

It was geographically large, had tributary states, and was prosperous.

What was the song dynasty known for?

they were best known for their Iron and trade

How can Ti the first Sui Dynasty empor be best described?

He'd be described as a pretty-boy long john that obviously screwed the whole Chinese culture up. Tang Dynasty had to fix all of his mistakes!

What was an accomplishment by the sea Song Dynasty of China?

An important innovation during the Song period was the magnetic mariner's compass. It allowed navigation in open sea far from the shore as it removed dependence on weather. It was first described by great Chinese polymath Shen Kuo of Song Dynasty in his 1088 work Dream Pool Essays.

The mood of song of myself is best described as?

D. expectant

Who overthrew the song dynasty?

The mongols overthrew the Song Dynasty

When was Song Dynasty created?

Song Dynasty was created in 960.

What came after the Tang dynasty?

The Tang dynasty was followed by the Song dynasty which was established by Song Taizu.

What dynasty did the yuan dynasty fallow?

The answer is the Song Dynasty

What dynasty came after the Song dynasty?

The Yuan Dynasty

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the Tang and Song dynasties?

The Song Dynasty developed gun powder weapons, whereas the Tang Dynasty did not. APEX world history semester 1 2018

Who is after tang dynasty?

The Song Dynasty

When did the song dynasty start?

the song dynasty went from 960 to1279

What dynasty followed the Tang?

It was followed by the Song Dynasty, it was established by Song Taizu after the fall of the Tang Dynasty.

What best describes a key difference between the tang and song dynasties?

the song dynasty developed gunpowder weapons.

Han tang and song dynasty?

han is first dynasty tang and song dynasty is time of great inventions

How long did the song dynasty last?

The Song dynasty lasted 319 years.

When did the song dynasty begin?

The Song Dynasty started in 960 ended in 1279

Was paper money first made from the song or tang dynasty?

The Song Dynasty

When did Liu Song Dynasty end?

Liu Song Dynasty ended in 479.

When was Liu Song Dynasty created?

Liu Song Dynasty was created in 420.

The tang dynasty enemies were?

The Song Dynasty

Who conquered the song dynasty?

The mongol dynasty.

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