How can the sun produce heating directly in a solar heating system?


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how can the sun can produce heating directly in solar?

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Direct heating of solar-designed homes, solar water-heating, and electricalenergy from solar 'photovoltaic' cells, is all directly from the sun.

passive solar-heating system, and active solar-heating system are two types of heating system.. =D By: Wilfred Castro.

Yes, a solar powered portable heating system can be used.

passive solar heating system

The two typesof solarheating systems are active solar heating system, and passive.

It can be used in several forms, directly and indirectly. For example, you can sit in the sunlight to get warm. We use it at home for cooking (with a solar cooker), and for heating water, which we use mainly for taking showers (with a solar water heating system).

Active Solar Heating and Passive solar Heating.

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The sun help the solar system produce heat and energy.

The difference between a passive solar energy system and and active solar energy system is how the energy is collected and distributed. In a passive solar energy system, the building itself is designed as a collector and the heat is distributed by natural means. In an active solar energy system, special collectors, storage tanks, and mechanical and electrical equipment (pumps and fans) are used to transport and distribute the heat energy. Passive systems - convert sunlight into electricity, which is used to heat a hot-water tank. Active systems have tubes behind them filled with water from the household supply. The direct energy from the sun heats the water in the tubes. Passive solar usually has no moving parts and the sun's energy is stored directly in whatever the sun is hitting such as a large mass or a room. Active solar heating will usually involve the use of pumps to pump a fluid to solar collectors and then back to a distribution point where the solar energy collected is transferred to another heating system, such as a forced hot air system. Active solar is much more complicated. Passive solar heating has no moving parts, but utilizes windows and the sun. The position of the house is very important. Active solar heating uses solar panels to produce electricity for heating, or pumps to move water warmed by the sun.

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solar cells generate electric currents directly from the sun light

No it doesn't, solar cells produce electricity directly from sunlight.

A solar heating system can heat your water on a day when there is no sun by charging batteries while the sun is shining. Then, the batteries can be used to heat the water on days when there is no sun.

It is called Solar thermal. Solar power can refer to the other type of solar energy which produces electricity. A solar thermal system is uses the suns heat to heat water in a storage vessel. Normally solar thermal is used to heat domestic hot water, but if a larger system is fitted it can contribute a small amount to other heating requirements such as underfloor heating. Also solar thermal is very good for heating swimming pools.

What is more effiecient? a solar thermal system or a solar photovolaic system?

The benefits of a solar pool heater are a much lower electricity bill, a quieter heating system, and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pool heating systems.

- Electric energy (with photovoltaic panels) - Thermal energy (by heating of water)

Offices need solar energy that directly for heating and lighting offices and for generating electrical energy and for hot water heating, solar cooling. You can also buy solar lights for the outside of your office for evening uses.

Solar system consists of mecury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptune.Earth is the third planet away from the sun.

A solar heating system can provide heat on a cloudy day if it is equipped with a giant thermal bottle. The heated water or oil in the thermal bottle can be used to provide heat long after the sun is gone.

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