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Install a floating swimming pool skimmer

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2008-03-30 21:25:12
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Q: How can the swimming pool be set up to fill all the way to the top without spending a fortune on moving the skimmer box?
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Sure you can. You'll need to use a net to clean the junk off the top often so it doesn't sink and cause stains or clog up the main drain.You can however it would be a good Idea to repair or replace the existing skimmer with a different method of skimming say a suction side floating skimmer as there are many materials that float to the top of a swimming pool that may be hazardous to health RB

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Yes you can. Drop the waterline in the pool below skimmer level, dig a whole around your skimmer to gain access. Unscrew the skimmer faceplate and remove it as well the old gasket. You also have to remove the second gasket between liner and wall. Detach the pipe(s) from the skimmer. Now install the new skimmer by attaching the pipe(s) to the skimmer put new gaskets in place screw the faceplate back on and you're done. Don't forget to fill your hole again and put water back in the pool to the appropriate level. ;-) Jens Poseidon Pool Services, Dunrobin, ON

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