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How can the word deprived be use as a question?


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Can you imagine being deprived of your freedom for the rest of your life?

Does my dog feel deprived of attention and companionship while I'm at work all day long?

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She was deprived of privileges when she disobeyed her parents. His boss deprived him of his promotion because his work was not up to par. They disobeyed the rules, so the team was deprived of the title.

Mrs. Sanders was deprived of her job because she didn't have a high school diploma created by Amanda L. The slaves in the Atlantic slave trade were deprived of the right to leave. Created by Charlotte H. She had a deprived childhood.

Today's youth are deprived of a good education.

How do you use the word went as a question?

what is the story everyday use about, and how does it relate to tradition. is the tradition good and why should it not be deprived?

you just used the word variable in a question :)

lacking of something needed

the word you are looking for is 'deprived' hope this helped :)

Emotionally deprived or neglected

It is spelt: Destitute. And it means: without; lacking of, deprived of The soldier was destitute of equipment. Nudists are destitute of clothing.

the word beaker is a stupid word for a question

This question is so vague and deprived of any common internet researching sense, it doesn't deserve an answer.

I confidently answered the question for I knew the how to use the word in a sentence.

a question that has no answer

by asking a question such as who is it? or how do you say it?

The boss has a question about the performance of the new computer.

You just did, but I question your intentions.Was that a question?Don't ask me another question!Will that question be on the test?

He wanted to enter, but the guards Deprived him. You can not deprive me from seeing my son.

by asking this question you used the word huge. This answer used it to.

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Why do you speculate the obvious

I was alerted that the question did not exist.

There is such a thing as a silly question.

He was tempted not to answer the question

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