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How can there be harmony if no individual is the same?

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Harmony is a combination of different notes. So, with all people being different but joining together in common interest, there should be harmony. It doesn't mean that everyone has to be a clone or has limited choices. It just means that we have to practice sharing and respecting one another. My opinion is that political correctness or requirements for certain religions over another disturbs the peace and harmony while the ability to speak a language in common builds harmony.

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What is the role of individual is maintaining peace harmony and equity in nature?

In order to live in harmony with nature human beings must recognize and respect its the human existence has to function and sustain itself within this system. Harmony in the individual and harmony in human relationships.

What is the Chinese philosophy that empahasizes harmony between the individual and nature?


How would an individual archive harmony in Hinduism?

to achieve harmony in Hinduism one must believe in Hinduism. If one believe is Philosophy of Hinduism than following Dharma (righteous living) will give harmony to him.

The power or virtue an individual acquires through living in harmony with Tao is?


Do compounds keep its individual properties?

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What is the difference between unison and harmony?

Unison is people singing the exact same thing they exact same way Harmony is people singing the same thing in to different pitches or ways

How do you say harmony in french?

Almost the same: "harmonie"

Words that mean the same as harmony?

chord, organum

Are the mind and body in harmony or conflict?

It varies from one individual to another and over time, too.

What is the best Universal Remote?

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What was most important to Confucius and his teachings?

Order and social harmony rather than individual rights. That is why he is loved in China

What is achieved by using the same elements in art throughout the artwork?


Is harmony achieved by 2 simultaneous pitches of the same letter and pitch?

No. Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) do not constitute a harmony; they are said to be in unison.

What is the second trumpet?

The second trumpet is a section in an orchestra. It plays harmony to the first trumpet. The same way the seconds violins play harmony to the first violins.

Is there Another word for on the same page?

To reach an agreement; to be in harmony with one another.

When both instruments play the same notes together in unison that is called?


Where is the Harmony Branch Library in Harmony located?

The address of the Harmony Branch Library is: 3393 Harmony Hwy, Harmony, 28634 M

What is a synonym for 'harmony'?

Living together in harmony (Peace).

Your aim in life?

A person's aim in life refers to the personal goals of the individual. Most people aim for harmony in their lives and careers.

Why did Bone Thugs-n-Harmony break up?

I think they break only because of individual financial interest.

How is industrial harmony achieved?

When the workers and Management of any Industry work hand in hand without any friction, Industrial Harmony is achieved. Even if there are differences of opinion, if the same is sorted out in an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence, the industrial harmony can be achieved.

What is the zulu translation for the word harmony?

As in, to sing in harmony? not to live in harmony

What harmony days means?

the days that you spend with your friends or people that arent exactly the same as you

What are the importance of racial harmony?

The Importance of Racial harmony is so every race in the entire Planet can appreciate the same rights as others anywhere on Earth, and not be discriminated because of Race.

A speech on 'Every Day Should Be Harmony Day'?

it should be about harmony and harmony things that happen on harmony days