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How can this be prevented?

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It cant unless you say what needs to be prevented

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Can cancer be prevented?

can cancer be prevented

What is a prevented?

When something gets prevented.

What cancers can be prevented?

All cancers can be prevented!

How can wind erosion be prevented?

It can't be prevented!

How can the spread of malaria be prevented?

how can malaria be prevented

Can a tornado be prevented?

No. tornadoes cannot be prevented.

How famine can be prevented?

It can't be prevented, sorry.

How acidity can be prevented?

Acidity can usually be prevented by antacids.

How can diseases be prevented?

Diseases can be prevented by getting your shots.

Can tsunamis be prevented?

No, tsunamis cannot be prevented, but they can be avoided.

How is information spillage prevented?

Information spillage can be prevented by:

How acid rain is prevented?

It can be prevented by stopping pollution...

How do you put prevented in a sentence?

He prevented a fight from happening

How can natural disasters be prevented?

Natural disasters cannot be prevented.

How rusting can be prevented?

rustis can bre prevented by painting,etc.............................

What does prevented mean?

Prevented means that something was kept from happening.

How can the cold be prevented?

It cannot be prevented because they have not made a cure for it.

What prevented the early pioneers from farming the prairies?

sod prevented them

How is premature menopause prevented?

Premature menopause cannot be prevented.

How is Pulmonary stenosis prevented?

Pulmonary stenosis cannot be prevented

How can a lahar be prevented?

Lahars cannot be prevented. They are a natural phenomenon.

How are infringements prevented in a movie?

how are infrigements prevented in a certain movie

How could the apartheid have been prevented?

how could apartheid have been prevented.

How deadlock can be prevented?

deadlocks can be prevented by writing proper pseudo code

Can chickenpox be prevented by taking homeopathy?

Chickenpox can't be prevented with homeopathy.

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