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They are called three-way-switches. They are both wired into the same circuit that controls the light.

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Q: How can two switches on different floors turn on one light?
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What will happen if the two switches connected to light up a single bulb are on?

It is dependant on whether the switches are in wired in a parallel or series configuration. If the switches are wires in parallel then both switches would have to be off to turn the light bulb off. Either switch could turn the light bulb on. If the switches are wired in series then both switches would have to be on to turn the light bulb on. Either switch could turn the light bulb off.

What is the purpose of switches?

the switch is to control the light if this is turn on or turn off

What exactly does the term lutron refer to?

Lutron means light control such as: light switches and the different styles, light dimmers, etc. They appear to be ones that are mounted on the wall to turn lights on and off.

What are the advantages of using two two- way switches to control one lamp?

It allows you to turn that light on/off from 2 different locations.

What is a 3 way wall switch?

A 3 way wall switch is used in a circuit for two switches that can turn a light fixture on or off from two different locations. Both switches must be 3 way switches. For more information see the answers to the Related Questions shown below.

Three light switches one room and one light bulb you can only go in it once what light switch turn the light bulb on it has something to do with the temperatur.?

turn 2 switches on wait one minute, turn one off go in the room if the bulb is off and warm it was the last one you turned off if its cold its the one you didnt touch and if its on its the only switch left on.

Inside a windowless room there are three light bulbs Outside the room there are three light switches Each of the light switches outside the room controls one of the three bulbs inside the room You?

Turn them all on, I'm not paying for the electricity...

For a 1994gmc van vandura what fuse do I change for the inside lighting?

on my 1989 vandura, the interior lights are on two different switches - the horn/DM fuse will turn on the front dome light and the rear light if that's what your looking for.....

How does a flashing indicator operate?

There is a relay switch in the circuit which switches the light on & off when you activate the turn signal.

I am trying to turn 1 light with 2 switches and i don't know how to give it powerelectricity?

This requires 3-way switches that have three separate terminals (plus ground). The method of wiring depends on where the light fixture is in relation to the switches and the feed wires. Most brands of switches contain wiring diagrams to help the installation.

How do you wire 2 switches on one circuit?

If your wiring it up for a light switch, then you will need 2 3 way switches, this will allow you to turn on and off lights from 2 locations

Which us president was afraid of light switches?

Benjamin Harrison was the President when the White House first got electricity.Reportedly, he and his wife were afraid they would get a shock if they touched the light switches. A servant had to turn off the lights at night.

Why do you use two switches to turn on a lamp instead of one switch?

When there's two switches connected to the same lamp it's usually because the lamp was meant to be able to be turned on and off from two different places. Useful in corridors and stairs and places like that. Or it can be that it originally was a fixture with more than one bulb in it. Two switches meant you could get different amounts of light out of the same fixture.

How do you automaticly turn off electric floors in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

You need to capture different Pokemon in different rooms in order to do that.

When using the remote for a Hunter fanlight the light will turn on-off using the remote-but will not turn on using wall switch?

Using the remote is like having two switches in series. Both switches have to be on at the same time. Do not use the remote to turn off the fan when you want to turn the fan off with the wall switch.

How do you wire one light to two switches so either switch can turn it on?

To help you out, it is called a three way light switch. See Related Links below.

How do you know if a switch has a circuit breaker?

All circuits including those with switches will have a breaker protecting the circuit. To find, turn on the light controlled by the switch and then turn off breakers one-by-one until light goes out.

How do you replace map light switches in overhead console of dodge ram?

youse put it in da soket n turn it on bro

1994 camaro Security light is on car starts and runs how to turn off light?

Check the door hood and trunk switches. The security system is telling you that it will not set securely.

What is the function of four way switch?

The use of a four way switch is needed when a load (such as a light) needs to be controlled from 3 locations or more. For instance when you walk down a hallway and there is a light there are probably at least two switches one at the beginning of the hallway and one at the end. These two switches will turn the light on or off from either location. These two switches will be three way switches. When the need to control a light or a load from more that two locations arises a four way switch is introduced. A light or load can be controlled an unlimited amount of locations by adding four way switches which are wired in between the two three way switches. Think of a sandwich where the three way switches are the bread and the meat and veggies are the four way switches. You can put as much meat and veggies as you want, but you always need two slices of bread on the top and bottom.

What does Two Way mean in Switches?

Two way switching is an European term the same as three way switching is in North America. It allows a person to turn the same light fixture on and off from two different locations.

Why does your ac unit turn on and off?

Your a/c unit uses different relays(switches) that are energized when the thermostat calls for A/C.

How do I turn off the head light that stays on all the time while driving?

There are different types of light. Some you have to turn on, some they are automatic light (they turn on right when you start the car)

How do I turn on three light bulbs in sequence using one switch?

To do something like that you would first have to have each light on it's own smart switch. Then you would need a master switch that would control each of the other smart switches. You can find switches like this at

Where is the switch to turn off interior door lights?

should be with the head lights as an alternate switch or in combination with headlights, move switches in different combinations to see if you can get them to turn off