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well... volcanoes melt people from the hotness. so there's your answer!

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What effect are there on people in volcanoes?

People in volcanoes may die and will lose their homes/land when the Volcano erupts.

What effect can volcanoes have on people and economies of a region?

The effect that volcanoes have on people is you can die or your lungs will be damaged. did you Know that it's not the hot lava that kills you right then and there but it's the smoke and the ash that kills you first then the lava mixes in

How can volcanoes effect landforms?

volcanoes can kill you bam!

Why do people study vulcanology?

People study vulcanology because they have a great interest in volcanoes. They like to find out and research about volcanoes and the structure and effect it may have on the world in the future.

What effect do volcanoes have on people?

by something you need to know... tada data data tada

How can volcanoes effect the earth?

Volcanoes can effect the earth in multiple ways. Damage to envirements, ash polution etc.

Do tectonic plates effect volcanoes and earthquakes?

yes! it can effect volcanoes and earthquakes because of the sudden movements of the earths crust

How do people survive volcanoes?

People survive volcanoes by getting away from them while the volcanoes are erupting.

How do volcanoes affect global warming?

Volcanoes can cause a slight warming effect because of their carbon dioxide emissions, and a somewhat greater, but short-term, cooling effect due to particulate emissions. Apart from the short-term cooling effect, volcanoes are not considered to have a significant effect on temperatures, compared to the effect from human activities.

Why do people have volcanoes?

They don't the earth makes volcanoes

Does global warming effect the explosion of volcanoes?

yes it will effect the explosion of volcanoes in ways like the moleculur disfussion of h04jk will is one of the main components in the explolsion, but mainly the effect that global warming will have on volcanoes is that they will be making bigger noises like farts when you finish reading this bunch of lies you will be laughing, not!

Where do volcanoes mostly happened and what are the effect?

Volcanoes mostly erupt in the sea to make islands or big massesof land,

Do people live next to volcanoes?

Yes. Many people live next to volcanoes.

How many composite volcanoes are there?

you people think there are about 1000 volcanoes .

How do volcanoes effect temperature?

the dust clouds cause cooling

What effect do volcanoes have on the environment?

it destroys them and kills all in its way

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