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How can we generate a synthetic seismogram?

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The procedure to create a synthetic seismogram is as follows:

- Multiply the velocity (calculated from the sonic log) and density logs to generate an acoustic impedance (AI) log. When a density log is not available, the densities can be calculated from the velocities with Gardner's rule: the density is proportional to the ¼ power of the P-wave velocity. - Calculate from the AI log the reflection coefficients (using Zoeppritz' equation)- Determine the wavelet from the seismic data -Convolve the wavelet with the reflection coefficient trace to generate the synthetic trace

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Is seismogram common or proper noun?

Seismogram is a proper noun.When you type Seismogram you capitilize the S.

What is the difference between a seismograph and a seismogram?

Seismogram- The info from a seismograph Seismogram- an instrument that records an earthquake's motion.

What is seismogram?

a tracing of earthquake motion creates by a seismogram

What is the purpose of a seismogram?

A seismogram is the graph produced by a seismograph. The purpose of a seismogram is to record, or reveal, the location and severity of an earthquake. A seismogram can also reveal how far a seismic wave occurred from the actual seismograph.

How do you read a seismogram?

by reading a seismogram you need a brain a life and whatever. you will also need eyes.

What type of wave arrives first on a seismogram?

The P-wave, or primary wave, arrives first on a seismogram.

What does a seismograph trace?


Seismograph and seismogram?

a seismograph records the pattern of shcok waves on a revolving drum of paper.ans tracing on the paper is known as seismogram

What is statically induced emf?

By rubbing two synthetic materials together will induce a positive charge in one of the items, for instance walk over a synthetic carpet with synthetic sole shoes and touch something that is negative will generate a spark that can be shocking.

What is a tracing of earthquake motion?


What is a seismogram and what is it used to find?


The largest waves on a seismogram are?


What best describes the difference between a seismograph and seismogram?

A seismograph that detects and records the activity of moment, while the seismogram is a written record for that!

What three waves are shown on a seismogram?

The three waves that are shown on a seismogram in order are P waves, S waves, and surface waves.

What is the difference in a seismogram and a seismograph?

A seismograph is an instrument that records movements within the earth. A seismogram is the actual recording that scientists look at when studying earthquakes.

Single seismogram locates the of an earthquake?


What is the largest waves on a seismogram?

surface waves

A single seismogram locates the of an earthquake?


Difference between seismograph and seismogram?


What cant you learn from a seismogram?

the entisety of an earthquake

What does the jagged lines on a seismogram indicate?


What produces a record of seismic waves?


Diagram to show the epicentre and the focus of an earthquake?

A record of the waves co used by an earthquake is called seismogram the diagram above shows simplified seismogram

What is the difference between a seismograph and seismogram?

Most of vibrations can be detected and recorded by sensitive instruments called seismograph, or seismometers. The record produced by a seismometer is called a seismogram.

What is the tracing of an earthquake motion created by a seismograph?