How can we save the earth?

To save earth from the effects of global warming we have to slow and stop global warming. We can do this:

  1. Stop burning all fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), and instead only use renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen) or nuclear energy.
  2. Replant all the forests we have destroyed all over the world.

All countries in the world have agreed to do something (at Kyoto), but not enough of them are acting fast enough!

More suggestions:

  1. Reduce pollution by reducing air, water and land pollution.
  2. Recycle resources by sending the degradable like paper and non degradable like plastic and glass objects to recycling factory.
  3. Save resources by using them carefully. Ex. Water (H2O), Trees, Wood, Paper.
  4. Stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). So don't waste electricity. Plant lots of trees.
  • There is one way in the 21st century to eliminate a substantial amount of pollution. Get rid of the fossil fuel cars. I spent 25 years owning and 'Emissions Testing Station' in Denver and saw first-hand the effects of TOO many vehicles that run on gas or diesel. A GOOD RUNNING gas engine emits 13-14% CO2. Carbon dioxide. Times a billion cars on get the idea.
  • We can save EARTH by planting more trees, reducing pollution, and mostly, global warming. You can actually buy a saplings, or seeds and plant them next to your house. They release more oxygen and you can breathe much more better.
  • You can search the web and find some organizations that you want to be a part of and join them. You can donate money to a foundation or spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter, etc.
  • Recycle and be active in nature and be a green family. We save earth by recycling and to stop wasting paper. We can also help by stopping the uncontrolled hunting that brings the animals near extinction. We must stop killing plants as well so we have crops to eat and crops for the animals to eat, so we can have meat! We can also stop using hairspray,wasting electricity don't use that match energy.
  • Some things you can do to save the planet include, plant more trees, recycle, and save electricity. Also, properly dispose of trash, keep the enivornment green, get involved in organizations, put illegal logging to rest.
  • Nowadays, the growing population causes a huge amount of wastes. Biodegradable substances can be decomposed,so fine. Now what do you think happens to the non- biodegradable substances like plastics? Did you know, A polythene cover takes 1 million years to decompose and thermocol can never ever decompose. So think about it. The covers you use today are tomorrow's trouble. Now we think the solution for this,is using paper bags instead of plastic.But this too is not the solution.We also know that paper is obtained from trees so think of how many trees are destroyed for making paper. Though many trees are being planted on one side,the tree which is gone is gone. So the ultimate solution for this is using cloth bags.This is only a tiny action to save mother earth.
  • First start small-like with the three Rs- reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycle paper, plastic, and anything else your neighborhood recycling program will allow. Reuse old stuff- turn that old soup can into a handy pencil holder, or that tissue box into a box to hold screws. Reduce the amount of garbage you make- try to buy stuff with less packaging, or recycle if you can. Most importantly, don't litter. All that garbage can ruin our fresh drinking water, if given enough time. So instead of throwing that soda cup on the street, find the nearest trash can. Also, if you are a farmer or plant a garden every spring, try not to use pesticides. They can kill animals. that is part of the reason some owls are in trouble- mice eat the pesticide- infested plants, then owls eat the mice, and the owls die of poisioning. So use non-toxic pesticide instead. these are just a few ideas of how to go green and save earth. there are many more! Good luck on your quest to save earth, if you want to do that!

More things to do include:

  • Dont drink bottled fluids
  • Pick up trash you see on the highway
  • Use recycled material.
  • The best way to save the earth is to change the way you live, and encourage others to do so as well.
  • Recycle as much as you can.
  • Reuse whatever you can.
  • Reduce your energy usage.
  • Buy locally made goods.
  • Buy clothing and other household items used.
  • Ideally, grow your own food.
  • Turn out your lights when you don't need them, and replace light bulbs with low-energy bulbs.
  • Cut down on watering your lawn -- plant native plants that don't need to be watered.
  • Reduce air conditioner/heater usage.
  • Cut down on driving -- carpool, walk, or bike whenever possible.
  • Get active in the community! Encourage others to make these changes and start working towards a better, more sustainable world.
  • When not using electronics unplug them.
  • Carpool, bicycle or use public transportation as often as possible

There are three things that you can do. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reduce the amount of things you use and the amount of time you use them. Reuse something instead of throwing it away because it will save the energy and time to make a new thing or recycle it. If you can't reuse something, recycle it. Your garbage service may provide you a recycling service for free or for a fee; you could also just check and see if there is a recycling center or bins to put your recycling in. If the thing you are getting rid of something that CAN NOT be recycled it automatically goes in the garbage because littering is against the law and fines up to 300 dollars can be in place if you get caught littering besides it isn't helping to save the earth either. If you burn your trash that is fine to, but does release a lot of smoke into the air which isn't helping to save the earth. Also buy products that are made from recycled materials because it will save the time and energy it takes to process a new product. If you have electronic material, appliances, batteries or anything with toxic material in them they need to be disposed of properly. If you are a student you can help start a recycling program at your school. One school gave all its used paper to a farmer so he could shred it up and reuse the paper as bedding for his animals. If you work at a factory that produces a lot of smoke, you can help get the company scrubbers. Scrubbers help remove lots of smoke before it enters the air, helping to prevent air pollution.

Recycle, recycle, and recycle. If we all do a small part, like turning the water off when we're brushing our teeth or clean out a jar of jelly and keep loose change in it, or just turning off the lights in rooms that no one is in, or maybe ridding a bike to school/work. If you're not a fan of biking, make a carpool with your friends.

There are still more that a billion ways to save the planet, and if you want to see your own children grow up on this earth, just do a small part, just a tiny little part once every day and if everyone else does too, slowly but surely, we'll save the planet.

Preserve habitats! Stop bulldozing land for parking lots and shopping malls!

Always turn off the water, or lights when you aren't using it, if the water from the sink or the shower leaks, try to stop the leaks. Draw or write on both sides of paper and recycle it. Also, recycle plastic, paper, and cardboard. Instead of taking the bus or car and wasting tons of gas, ride your bike and heal the earth! Stop cutting down trees! Cutting down trees is very terrible because: trees gives you oxygen, and oxygen is one of the reasons you're reading this. Don't forget to play outside once a day if it's not raining, turn off the TV, and the computer when not in use. Also reduce the amount of things that you use and reuse things like plastic bottles.