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How can we use our natural resources wisely?



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We have to use our natural resources in a sustainable fashion, that is, so they won't run out.

Timber can be used for building and other important things if we use plantation timber, that is, if a new tree is growing to maturity as we cut down the first one.

There are still plenty of reserves of coal, but by burning it we create other problems, namely, adding carbon dioxide to the greenhouse gases.

The same goes for oil and natural gas.

Coal, oil and natural gas are chiefly used to provide electricity and to power vehicles. We need to take advantage of the abundance of solar, wind, wave, tidal and thermal energy that is free, renewable and sustainable. These resources will provide more than enough green electricity which can then power all the industry, homes and transport that we need.

By having a rethink about the advisability of having a throw away culture in nearly every thing that is produced. Once upon a time it was possible to repair an item, now you have to toss it out and get a new one. Every time you get a new mobile phone you are forced to get a new charger, because the parts are deliberately made just that little bit different. Instead of reusing the charger it sits in a drawer some where and another lot of copper has to be produced, turned into wire, insulated, manufactured, packaged, and transported all to satisfy the greed of industry gone wild. This is just one small example of the same sort of thing happening all over the world.