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Your vaginal discharge becomes slippery(raw egg), you may have a sharp pain on one side of you lower abdomen, there is a slight increase in body temperature (use Basal Body Thermometer) and you may notice that your breast get sore.

Many women have symptoms, but many don't. They now sell ovulation tests in drug stores. I assume the work much like a pregnancy test. You can count the days to when you are most likely to ovulate and then test yourself often to see when you are actually ovulating.

I know when i am ovulating as there is an increase in discharge and it is like a thick stretchy mucus also increase in temp and also tender boobs and aches down below.

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Q: How can women tell when they are ovulating?
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How do you tell if iam ovulating?

How do I know when I am ovulating

What signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating?

what signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating

What to expect when your ovulating?

Many women do not know when they are ovulating and have no symptoms. Some women claim to get tiny pains during that time.

Can you tell when your ovulating?

get tested

What if your wanting to know when you are ovulating?

I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

What is the best way to tell when I am ovulating?

The best way to tell when one is ovulating is to keep a calendar. Sometimes there is pain when ovulating, but other times there is not. By keeping a diary, one has a better chance to know the time of ovulation.

When are most women ovulating?

14 days after her period.

Can a women who is no longer of ovulating age become pregnant?

No. If you're not ovulating you can't get pregnant. But 'not of ovulating age' doesn't mean anything. One 50 year old woman might not be ovulating anymore, but another might be

Can an ovulation test tell you when you are ovulating even if you are pregnant?

You stop ovulating when you become pregnant, so I would think not.

How can you tell when you are ovulating if you don't know how long your cycle is?

The pharmacy has ovulation tests that will tell you the best day to get pregnant. Clearblue easy also has a device found over the counter that will tell you when you are ovulating.

How do you know when you are ovulating when you only have your period four to five times a year?

A lot of women realize they are ovulating each month when they have a significantly larger amount of discharge to what the women normally gets.

Are you ovulating the day after your period?

It's different for everyone. I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

How can you tell when you're ovulating?

if your period is regular, it is usually around the 14th day. you can buy tests at the store - in the pregnancy test aisle - that tell you whether you are ovulating or not. alternatively, if you notice you are excreting more mucus than usual, that is a good indication that you are ovulating.

How can you tell when your ovulating if your period is always irregular?

some women experience sharp pains in their sides, shortness of breath, shoulder pain, and an UNUSUALLY HIGH sex drive

How can I tell if I'm ovulating?

Buy an ovulation test kit.

Are you ovulating if you have a period?

maybe... but most women ovulate right after their period.

Why do women get hiccups when ovulating?

hormonal changes triggers hiccups in the body

Can a women still become pregnant even though she is not menstruating?

If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way. If she is ovulating, she can become pregnant. But that is the only way.

What are physical signs of ovulation?

Some women have a slight amount of discharge when they are ovulating.

Do you vomit when you are ovulating?

Most women don't but a very few have more symptoms.

Why are you spotting blood a week after your period?

some women tend to get spots when they are ovulating.

If you are having a brownish spots can you be pregnancy?

Yes, although you could just be ovulating because many women spot when they are ovulating. If you miss your next period, take a test

How can you tell if a girl is ovulating?

she is noramally grouchy and also why dont u ask her

What does it mean if he came in you and im not pregnant?

1. You were not ovulating2. You were ovulating but this time there was no egg. We women don't always release an egg.3. The quality of the sperm were no good.4. You had a early miscarriage, before you even could tell you were pregnant. Maybe the egg failed to attach itself to the uterus wall.

Do elderly women ovulate every month?

On average, women in the US go through menopause at age 51. After menopause, women stop ovulating.