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It depends on the type of finish that is on the wood. Newer finishes are "catalyzed", meaning that they are a two part finish that hardens through chemical reaction. Older finishes are typically varnish or laquer and they harden by the evaporation of solvents. Once you add solvents back to the older finishes, they disolve again. If it's a newer type finish, you can use nail polish remover. The newer finishes are resistant to chemicals. It turns out that it doesn't really matter if it's new or old finish since you'll need to remove the nail polish anyway. If it takes the finish off, sand it down, get some new stain to match then spray on some varnish, laquer or polyurethane to match the old finish. If you can't match the finish, you may need to sand down the whole piece and refinish it.

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Is there any way to remove fingernail polish remover that spilled onto wood floor?

The spilled fingernail polish has already removed itself, by evaporating. Before that happened it damaged the finish on the floor. What you need to do now is to restore the finish.

How do you get fingernail polish off of wood furniture?

Mr clean magic eraser

How much would it cost to fix your keyboard on your MacBook Pro if you spilled fingernail polish remover on it?

1000 pounds

If you don't have fingernail polish remover what takes off fingernail polish?

acetone will remove fingernail polish

Can fingernail polish remove warts?

No, Fingernail Polish is used to paint your fingernails. Or else they would not call it fingernail Polish. If you were more than Likely to Use Fingernail Polish to Remove Warts, the Wart Would Not Remove. This is because, the Wart Continues to get bigger, as you leave the fingernail polish on.

What should we do because we spilled nail polish remover spilled on the wood furniture?

Quick, cover it before ur mom comes home!!! Ahhhh! then eat it

How do you remove dry fingernail polish from a wood laminate floor?

You can remove dry fingernail polish from a wood laminate floor by first using fingernail polish remover or acetone to cut the polish. Then, use your fingernail to scrape the remaining polish from the floor.

Need to remove fingernail polish from toilet seat?

Try fingernail polish remover.

How do you remove no chip nail polish?

To remove no chip nail polish, using fingernail polish remover is the easiest way to get the polish off. The only thing you need to remove fingernail polish is a paper towel and the fingernail polish remover.

How do you get fingernail polish off of cloth furniture?

Wait for the polish to dry and then scrap off as much as you can with a wooden spoon then take a toothbrush apply toothpaste and then scrub with the toothpaste. It will come out!

How do you remove fingernail polish from bed sheets without using fingernail polish remover?

peaunt butter

Why do your fingernails hurt after you take off polish and not put new polish back on?

it shouldn't hurt but maybe you are allergic to the fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover you are putting on

How do you get fingernail polish out of a bathtub?


Can you use furniture polish on a gun?

Furniture polish is for furniture. Get some gun polish at your local gun polish store.

How do you get nail polish off my kids?

Fingernail polish remover. :-)

How do you get fingernail polish out of the bathtub?

Nail polish remover or acitone

How can a scratch be repaired on your Brother Bear DVD?

To repair a scratch on a Brother Bear DVD, a person can polish and buff the DVD. A person can use furniture polish for the DVD because the polish fills in the scratches.

Can you put fingernail polish on your eyelid?


How does fingernail polish dry?

from evaporation

How do you get fingernail polish out of bath tub?

Use nail polish remover.

What can you use to get fingernail polish off your nails?

Nail polish remover.

Fingernail polish off of phone screen?

nail polish remover.

Does using fingernail polish help or hurt your nails over time?

Fingernail polish soul hurt your nails and discolor them over time.

What is fingernail polish remover made of?


How do you get fingernail polish out of fur?

Wash it.Or cut it out.