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When some people are in a car accident, they be "dead" for 5 minutes or so. This is basically a stage of "mental shock." But then when the person goes to a hospital, the doctors take the defibrillators and put it on their chest. Then they push it and you come back into life. Some people say that while they were "dead" they saw themselves going through a tunnel and seeing light at the end, which must be heaven. You cannot die completely, which involves your entire body and organs shutting down, but you can "die" shortly but have your body still be alive.


Plus, "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man only one!" Emotionally, psychologically, a person can "die" to feeling and thinking about something while still remaining upright and merely breathing.


or you could sneeze...all your bodily functions stop for that split second that you are I guess you could say that you just died and came back


and people say 'i am dying of thirst etc but that's silly stuff


The first one is the best because sometimes if you die you can come back to life within an hour. Animal planet said one guy died from a scorpion sting... He came back to live :)

it happens when people die and the doctors do CPR and brings you back to life.

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Q: How can you 'die' without ending up dead?
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