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How can you SHOW your boyfriend how much you love him?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-14 10:40:26

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DONT SLEEP WITH HIM. If he loves you, he will understand. How about you take him out and buy him tea. Tell him you love him in a nice card. All men want sex, we know this. Its no mystery. Don't be like every other woman. Don't give into him.

2006-07-14 10:40:26
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Is it good to show your boyfriend that you love him so much?

Definitely! just do it in a way he will appreciate it.

How can you show that you love your boyfriend?

Put out.

How do you get him to understand how much i love him?

The best way to get your boyfriend to understand how much you love him is to show him. You have to make sure you demonstrate loving behavior when you all are together.

How can i show my boyfriend i still love him?

There is a few ways that you can show your boyfriend that you do love him still. You can just tell him that you love him, you can buy him things, you can write him a letter or you can do things that he enjoys doing.

What does it mean if your boyfriend got you a expensive gift?

stop asking the net about it and show him how much u love it?

How to make a girl forget about her boyfriend and start interesting in me?

well.... boy u just need to be close to her.... show her that u love her more than his boyfriend..... show her how much care for her..... just be with her anytime she needs you..... show her ur true love..... show it in ur eyes..... best of luck....

Does victorious can a boyfriend ind real life?

Will you mary me I wach your show all the time I love you some much

How do you get future fiance boyfriend in boyfriend today?

if you cant give your slef too much for him and just be hard donot show him toomuch love evn though yuo love them make them feel that you are special.

How do you do romantic chat with boyfriend?

show your care and love

You have a boyfriend but you still flirt with other people how do you show your boyfriend you love him?

You should show your boyfriend that you love him by just loving him. Tell him you love him. Write him a love note, or a love poem, or set up a surprise date that would be fun just for you two. Do something out of the ordinary to show him that you really do care about him, and that you can't help it if you flirt with other guys.

What do you do if your boyfriend says they love you but doesnt show it?

He is not the one for you, you deserve a boyfriend that can say he loves you and shows it, believe me there is a boy out there but the guy your with is just not the one for you. And you could do much better.

I know now that the love we shared was a love that would have battled to the lengths that it needed i thank-you for showing me this ex boyfriend wrote this to me?

Show that person that you love them as much as they have loved you.

How do you show your boyfriend that you love him just as much as when you first started dating?

just behave the same way you normally do ...and blow him

How can you tell your boyfriend that you love him?

do not use words for this thing only show your love with works

How can you get your ex boyfriend again?

you should show him that you still love him

How you show your boyfriend you love him?

Tell him you should say 'You know I love you right?' he will know you love him always

How do you treat your boyfriend?

Well basically all you do is show him that you do love him and also if you treat him with respect and show love then he should respect you and also show love back to you. If you are doing this but he is not then there is a problem.

Did caviar from the love of ray j have a boyfriend when the show was airing?

Yes, Caviar did have a boyfriend. She lied about having a boyfriend the whole show. In the end she admitted to lying to Ray J.

what if your dating your boyfriend but he does not show he loves you or have no interest in you but you still love him. what should i do?

How do you get back your x-girlfriend who has a boyfriend and broke up with him also?

Show her how much you love her. Listen to the song from Enchanted "How Does She Know"

What poems can you give to your boyfriend?

about how much you love him

How could you show your boyfriend that you love him?

The easiest way would be to just come out and say.... "I love you!"

Do you have to give your boyfriend gift on the first valentine day?

to show him that you love him

Does jade have a boyfriend in real life?

I don't think she does but i love that show.

How do you get your boyfriend to believe that you do love and care for him even though you have lied to him?