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First you must have a modem connected to your PC. The phone cord is than connected to your modem. Once this is done than you must dial out to a modem connected to you office PC (or office network modem). Think of the connection much the same way phones between homes are connected. The only difference, in a simple way, is the modem is the communication tool between your home and office computer.

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Q: How can you access your office computer from home through your phone line?
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It is a computer that you access remotely from your computer?

Yes but you can remote access your computer through other devices like a smart phone (a type of cell phone)

Do you download songs for the iPhone on the phone or the computer?

if you can access itunes on your phone you can download music through there ,but if not you can use itunes on your computer , download them through there and synchronise your iphone with your computer.

Do you need a phone to get wifi?

No. Many businesses and households are wifi accessible. However, you do need internet access through a device, such as a phone or a computer.

How does Cell phone access to Internet?

dials the 3G network or GPRS. Its the same way a computer dials it through the phone line, but this does it wirelessly.

Can you access your blackberry from a remote computer?

No you can not, unless you backup your BB to a computer. But you can use your smart phone to remote access your computer by using "teamviewer".

How can I get remote access from my computer to my cell phone?

Some of the larger cell phone companies will offer this feature. You could go online to a technical support site and there get the steps to be able to remotely access your computer.

What equipment is recommended for the telecommuter?

a notebook computer with a docking station at the office; all-in-one system (scanner, printer, fax machine, copier); quality phone and voice mail; dedicated phone lines; and Internet access.

What are the positives of email?

They are an easy and effective way of communicating with people around the world as long as you have access to the internet. This could be through a phone, iPod or computer.

Customers access the internet through a what?

You need a modem and an Internet Services Provider. You can purchase a modem to install in the computer that connects through your phone line. You will need to contact a company such as AOL to be your ISP. You can also contact your phone or cable company for a DSL (phone) or cable modem

I have an Lg KP500cookie When i plug it into my computer using USB cable my computer beeps and says 'its ready to use' but nothing else comes up how do i transfer pictures and music HELP?

You should be able to access the phone through "My computer".

How do you edit pictures on the Pantech Crux phone?

You can move the photos you want to edit into your phone's memory card, then access those photos through the computer and edit them with whatever software you would like to use.

How can you download your PDF files on to your HTC HD 7 phone?

Send them to your Skydrive account in documents and install the Adobe reader app. They'll open right up in Office and you can save them to your phone. You can also access them through email and save them to your phone.

How does one access NTL webmail?

You can access your NTL webmail account from any computer with internet access by going to the NTL website and then entering your information. Depending on what type of phone you have, you may also be able to access your webmail from your phone.

My daughter wants to play work while shes at my office She has a computer phone cubicle access to the mail room and office supply closet Shes 13 so I cant have her do easy stuff wat do i hav her do?

Find herself a suitable parent that doesn't drag her to the office.

Your phone shows memory card is in use by another application when connected to the computer?

That is probably because your computer has the access rights to the memory-card on the phone. If you check on "my computer" you might see your phone's memory card there..

Is there a way I can read my inbox on my mobile phone on my computer or through the internet?

You should be able to use the mobile view of your webmail, if you have it. Otherwise, you would have to use a remote login tool to access your PC from your mobile phone.

Is Twitter for use on a phone or computer?

You can actually access Twitter from both your phone and your computer. If you have it on the computer you can just log on and "tweet". If you have it on your phone you have to have internet, but you do NOT have to have an iPhone and it IS an app but it doesn't have to be. If you are using Twitter from your phone you send "tweets" as almost a text message. Hope it Helps. tottsieroll1

Will remote access work on mobile devices?

Access Remote PC is a computer program that lets you access your PC from another PC via the Internet, LAN, or phone connection and work on your computer all the day.

What types of internet access are offered by Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers internet access through their mobile phone plans and through their Home Fusion Broadband connect plan. Verizon also provides internet access through their home phone, TV, and Internet bundle package.

How do you get to the clip board ob your htc evo mobile phone?

On the HTC EVO phone to access the clipboard first select menu and then office folder. The clipboard is located in the office folder.

Can you make your home phone ring through your computer speakers?

you can if you have a phone with a USB connection

How are computer messages sent through a phone?

log into your e-mail on your mobile phone.

How do you access the internet without a phone line?

A Wireless signal (WIFI) A signal from a network is routed through a Router wireless or wired. The signal broadcasts throughout an area where another computer receives it thus enabiling access to the internet.

What is wrong with the boyfriend when all of a sudden tells you not to touch his phone or to get an access through his phone?

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Where can one buy a small office phone?

The easiest and by far the cheapest way for one to buy a small office phone online is through Amazon or eBay. Another possibility is to purchase a small office phone at the local office store or electronics shop.