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I suppose you have to know just what great things you wish to accomplish. Just remember that if you wish to accomplish material greatness i.e. fast cars, lots of money and large homes then you will not be able to take these with you when you die.

If you wish to accomplish spiritual greatness, then love your neighbor, feed the hungry,

give comfort to the down hearted and serve your fellow men to the best of your ability.

Where your heart is so will be your reward.

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How did living during the Renaissance affect Galileo Galilei?

It was hard life time to accomplish great things but Galileo was able to

Is it good if you have an IQ of 85?

it is most not a good thing, I do also dont let anyone ever tell you you cannot accomplish great things in life and go far. it is most not a good thing, I do also dont let anyone ever tell you you cannot accomplish great things in life and go far.

How did the pharaohs accomplish great things?

They had many slaves

Use accomplish in a sentence?

I have Accomplished many things in life.

What important things did ella Fitzgerald accomplish?

she accomplished her life

What did tyra banks accomplish?

being a model and having a great life as her

Alexander hamilton believed the new government would?

accomplish great things!

What did Jacques Carter accomplish?

he you know accomplished many things in his life time.

What did King Alfred the great accomplish in his life?

He had many months of education in hand.

How did Bill Cosby's accomplishments have an impact on the world today?

He showed us how to accomplish great things and how to be a better person. It doesn't matter what color you are you can achieve great things.

What was Aristotle's biggest accomplish?

He did so many great things that there realy was never a bigest acomlishment.

What did Denzel Washington accomplish?

he has accomplished many great things like playing in movies and more :$

What did Cyrus accomplish?

What did cyrus the great accomplish

How can you tell if you can do a back flip without trying?

You can't. A back flip is just one of those things in life that you have to face great fear to accomplish. The younger you are, though, the easier it's to accomplish the first time, because then you have less fear and a little more courage.

How does a screw make your life easier and better?

A screw makes your life better by helping you to accomplish things thy you couldn't do by hand

What did Martha washingto accomplish?

Martha Washington has accomplished nothing in her life she has never taught that accomplishing things wasn't right she just figured in order to accomplish something she had to do it right.

What is your opinion on Abraham Lincoln's life and accomplishments?

Well, he did accomplish many things in his lifetime, for example, the Emancipation Proclamation.

How did civilized culture survive the rise and fall of regional states?

The regional states worked together to accomplish great things.

What two things did Alexander the Great accomplish in Alexandria?

He established the city on the site of a fishing village. He had himself declared Pharaoh.

What are some valuable things in life?

Being aliveliving through great things in lifebeing loved

What did Willie Mays accomplish durin his life?

what did willie mays accomplish

What are some good topics to talk about with your 22 year old boyfriend?

dreams you have in the future, things you want to accomplish, and your life with him.

Sometimes in life you are called to do great things every day we are called to do things with great love?

George W. Bush

An example of an legend in your pwn word's?

a legend to me would be is someone who has done great things in life or has accomlished great things

What is the US trying to accomplish in Iraq and did they accomplish this?

Trying to make it a better life.

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