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How can you ad freon to a 1985 t-100's air conditioner?

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A 85 model will have r-12 type refigerant, unfortanatly even if you find the freon finding hoses to charge the system can be costly and you would have to buy additional adapters if you ever tried to charge a r-134a system. The best recomendation I can give you is to convert your r-12 system to a r134a sytem. The parts are readily available and with the cost of r134-a being much cheaper it will probably cost about the same. Note this however! DO NOT put the same amount of r134a in the system as you would r-12! it should only hold about 85% as much to acheive the same pressure. Most r134a converion kits come with a gauge so you put in the right amount. Good luck with your A/C.........Im doing mine today as well

2011-09-13 04:38:16
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Q: How can you ad freon to a 1985 t-100's air conditioner?
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