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unless you get a new radio installed, an FM modulator is your only option

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Q: How can you add an iPod to a Chevy cavalier 2001 standard stereo without cassette player other than with a FM modulator?
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How can you add a MP3 player to the standard stereo without cassette of a Chevrolet Cavalier?

All you need is an FM modulator!they usually around 30 bones available everywhere.

How can you add an iPod to a Chevy cavalier 2001 standard stereo without removing the stock stereo?

without removing the stereo you are limited to a cassette adapter or a wireless FM modulator. both will have very low/crappy sound quality. the next step up is a wired FM modulator.. you will have to intercept the antennae connection for this.. best place is behind the stereo but you can also get to it at the antennae itself.

How do you remove a stuck cassette from a car cassette player without taking it apart?

You take a file, and stick under neath the cassette as a lever and pull it out.

How can you play a video cassette in a video recorder without an aerial?

An antenna isn't necessary. The video and sound are already on the cassette.

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Which car cassette players swtich sides automatically vs. switching cassette sides manually?

There is a casette player through Sony that offers a automatic switch changer which automatically switch the cassette without you having to change them manually.

Will a S10 rim fit on a cavalier?

No, not without adaptors.

Can oil pan be removed from a 2002 cavalier without removing the motor?

You can remove the oil pan from your 2002 Chevy Cavalier, without removing the motor. The oil pan is held in place with retaining bolts.

What is the average mileage lifespan for a Chevy Cavalier?

My 97 Cavalier is about 315000 k without much problems... minor maintenance and wear and still going well.

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Can an FM Modulator be installed on a 2000 Impala without removing the dash panel?

You have been conned. The modulator valve in on the transmission. The FM radio has a "demodulator". FM modulator? here? Fill me in - I'm old but still learning the hard way. So show me! It is possible tho that the framus coil is leaking. that's a cob too! If you mean what I think you mean then the answer is probably yes since the modulator works with frequency from the original stereo example: 102.2 you can select the frequency I think or a preset one would be set if not. You connect the modulator to the CD changer and that's it the CD changer is connected to power and you have music. A reason for using a FM modulator is to keep your original stereo that probably does not play mp3.

How do you replace the transmission modulator valve on a 1976 Chevy Caprice Classic?

Raise the car and support it in a safe enough manner that you can go underneath it without it falling on you -- this means jack stands, ramps, or a car hoist. Remove the vacuum line from the modulator. Put a drain pan under the modulator and remove the bolt that holds the clamp holding the modulator into the transmission case -- most likely it's a turbo 350 so the modulator will be in the back on the passenger side and the clamp should have one bolt going through it that is removed with a 1/2" socket. With the clamp removed pull the modulator straight out -- you're going to lose some fluid when you pull the modulator out. Make sure the rubber o-ring seal comes out with the modulator. Make sure a new o-ring is on the new modulator and put it in the case, then install the clamp & bolt and tighten it. Re-connect the vacuum line, lower the car and start the engine, on level ground check and refill the transmission fluid as needed and check for leaks. If no leaks you're done and ready to test drive.

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How do you install a CD Changer in a 1997 Eldorado without a stock CD player?

It depends on the make/model of the CD Changer. Most aftermarket headunits have a compatible manufacture made changer. If you do not have a compatible unit you can purchase an FM Modulator for that changer. The modulator takes the signal and broadcasts it over a radio frequency.

How much torque does a z24 cavalier have?

Depending on the year, the 99 runs 155lb without performance parts.

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Why does the engine on my 97 Chev Cavalier make a weird noise?

Without hearing it no one could possibly know.

How do you check a modulator valve?

first pull off the line going to it and if it has fluid in it change the modulator. Next, take the modulator off and apply vacuum to the line and stick a screw driver in the end of the modulator and see if the diaphragm moves the valve inside. If the valve doesn't move, replace the modualtor. - i am assuming ford but also you can pull the vac.line off of carb.or wherever it draws the vacume from without getting under car and check for fluid at that point Consider getting yourself a service manual as it contains many troubleshooting for your car. Comes very handy sometimes.

Slim Jim 2002 cavalier?

A 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier is very difficult to open without keys. In most cases, a locksmith is required. Even possessing a slim Jim is problematic because of the position of the lock in the door.

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How do you reset the theft system on a Chevy Cavalier?

Put your Chevy Cavalier in neutral and then crank it once without starting the car. This will turn on the electrical system and you need to allow it to sit like that for several minutes for everything to reset itself.

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