Chevy 350

How can you add horsepower to a stock Chevy 350 without spendin a lot of money?

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2014-05-02 17:07:56

Replace the top end of your engine, first find a clean used

edelbrock carb and intake on craigslist, shouldn't cost more then

100-150 for both. cause i bet you got some rochester quadrajet

sittin there right now, its garbage trash throw it away or you

might be able to sell it for 20 bucks. another nice thing is a new

air filter . next is heads, you can find a used pair of 305 heads

in a junkyard or again on craigslist for around 75 dollars. 305

heads are smaller then 350 heads and create a higher compression.

but this depends on you because heads sound like a big deal to some

people( its just some bolts) but if you do the heads intake and

carb all at the same time its easy. just get a friend and spend a

couple days removing and replacing your top end itll be fun and

afterwards itll be like a brand new engine. If you don't know cars

you can find some mechanics thatll come to you charge you around

100 dollars( any more then tell em to kick rocks) and will only

take them a couple hours with the right tools. so 225 for parts

another 50 for head bolts and new gaskets, 275 do it yourself 375

being a lazy bitch. another thing you can do for free is saw zaw

your mufflers off so you have straight pipes chances are your

mufflers have holes in em anyway. it will be loud and not road

legal but no police are lookin under your car they don't care.

replacing pipes is the last thing you wanna do, you cant do that

yourself so youll have to pay a shop to do it and that's still not

gonna make up for cheap stock gm parts, taking your mufflers off

will already be increasing airflow.

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