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How can you adjust the way a 1993 Cavalier shifts by moving a cable?


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2015-07-15 18:34:48
2015-07-15 18:34:48

If it has a cable attached to the throtle linkage, release it by moving the locking tang and pulling the cable all the way to the rear. Then get inside and floor the accelerator and it will automatically adjust the cable.


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At the "Y" in the cables at the rear of the car

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To to adjust the throttle cable, first take off the air cleaner. Hold down the metal adjusting tab that is at the end of the cable.There is a sliding piece at the end of the cable, move it against the end. Let go of the adjusting tab then move the cable to the end.

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To adjust the throttle cable, first open the hood of the car and locate the cable. Then, adjust the screws on either side of the cable. Following that, tighten the cable so that it is taut and there is no slack, but it is not over tight.

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You can adjust the shift cable, on your Ford expedition, by turning the adjustment nuts. There is an adjustment not on each end of the cable.

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