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You've taken a really big step forward for yourself. You are the problem that your wife is having and it's YOU that needs therapy. Most women only ask of their mate that they get help and the wife is usually there 100%. Sounds like your wife would be. You have reasons and problems why you are the way you are, and you can't support her until you get to the root of your own problems and get help for it. She would be so delighted if you were to seek out therapy for your abusive behavior. The fact that you have mentioned it is a miracle in itself and it's sounds like there is a lot of hope for you. Please seek out that therapy. Therapy is a wonderful tool and both men/women get much help as far understanding why they are the way they are and learn tool to deal with it and don't consider yourself weak for seeing a therapist. Weak men are ones that know there is something wrong with them and not getting the help to get them over it. Your wife can support you through this therapy as well and both of you will learn a better way of life. Good luck God Bless Marcy

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Q: How can you as an abusive husband support your wife?
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Is husband obligated to support wife?

Yes, law binds husband to support wife financially.

Can a husband who is abusive to his wife be stripped of his leagal rights?

yes he can cause if not the abusive ness will only get worse

What is the definition to abusive relationships?

the definition of an abusive relationship is the husband beats the wife or/and the wife beats the husband. they can either cheat on each other or literally beat each other with an item or anything

Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's spousal support to his ex-wife?

No. The spousal support is a responsibility of the husband only.

If an abusive husband reuses to sign divorce papers and continually has the judge grant outrageous orders benif and bleeding the wife daily of cash etcbenefiting the husband he hadbled her dry l?

are the courts aware that your husband was or is abusive towards you?

Can you collect child support from your ex-husband's wife?

No. She is not responsible for her new husband's child support obligations.

Would GOD allow a wife to divorce an abusive or disrespectful husband regardless of Jewish law?


Is it right for a husband not to support his wife financially while they are married?

if they are married the money should be shared, it is not his or hers, it is theirs, so the husband should technically support his wife

Is a man legally required to support his wife during separation?

Does your husband have to legally and financially support his wife during a separation

Can the current wife sue her husband's ex-wife for child support?

No. If your present husband is the father of the children of his previous marriage and is the custodial parent he would have to sue his ex-wife (the children's mother) for support.

What is the name of the film where the husband abuses his wife they have 3 boys together then she gets murdered by him at sunset patrol?

In the movie "Dead by Sunset" the husband and wife have three boys together. The husband is abusive to the wife and he eventually murders her when he realizes that is the only way he will get custody of the children.

When the husband makes less than wife does the husband have to pay child support?


Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's spousal support to his ex wife?


Why shouldn't a husband give his wife financial support when the get divorced?

If the husband wants to provide financial support to his wife, he can certainly do it. It is not mandatory, unless it is part of the legal separation or divorce agreement.

Is it possible that your ex abusive husband to change when he remarried and shows stable signs of not being abusive to his second wife?

Possible, but not likely for him to change on his own without serious counseling.

What do you do if both husband and wife are abusive to each other but different forms of abuse?

The husband and wife should both go to individual therapy (not couple's counseling- that can be dangerous for someone in an abusive relationship) to help them deal with their separate issues. They can also each go to a different batterer's intervention course if they are willing.

Does a husband have to support his wife financially during a separation?

Yes he does

How does a new pregnancy affect abusive ex husband?

I am sure that it would depend on the abusive ex-husband.

Why does my husband who has JOINT custody of his daughter pay child support to his ex wife?

Child support is paid to the wife so she can have money to raise the child. Maybe your husband made more money than his wife when they were still married. It's all in divorce papers. Talk to your husband about it.

Can a current wife's income be considered in calculating her husband's child support to his ex-wife in ma?


How can you get your ex's husband to pay child support?

Your ex-wife's husband has no obligation to pay child support. An ex husband, if a support order exists, can be turned over to the support enforcement department in your state. It is their job to collect.

What is the wife legal right when a Husband abandons her?

A wife has the right to seek an attorney for a divorce if a husband abandons her. She will need support for herself as well as her children.

If husband friend disrespects wife should he talk to them?

The husband should talk to the friend. If he doesn't - the husband needs to go too because he's just as abusive if he's allowing it.

What do you call it when a husband asks for support from his wife?

trust love and affection

Can a husband refuse to support a wife?

In today's society, it shouldn't be a requirement.

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