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Q: How can you avoid getting pregnant without protection?
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What must you avoid to get pregnant?

avoid having sex without protection...

How do you avoid getting spam in your email?

Virus protection

What's the best way to avoid getting your girlfriend pregnant without a Cβ—―ndom or pulling out?


What are the chances of getting pregnant while on antibiotics?

Same as always antibiotics don't avoid or help the risks of getting pregnant.

How can you avoid pregnancy without using any contraceptives?

The best way to avoid pregnancy without contraceptives is abstinence. No other method will be 100% effective. Without contraceptives you are going to have a pretty high chance of getting pregnant, even with the 'rhythm method.'

Can a guy avoid a girl getting pregnant by not incoming in her?

OMG... *Facepalm*

How you and your friends can avoid the risk of getting HIV?

To use protection when you have sex. Wear condoms.

Can a girl get pregnant if the sperm is spilled on her underwear?

If the sperm comes in contact with her vagina, yes. It is quite unlikely that this would cause pregnancy but it is possible. To avoid pregnancy, it is best to avoid sperm coming in contact with the vagina without protection or contraception.

Am a married women and want to know how to avoid getting pregnant without using condom or take out his penis?

Birth control pills Don't have sex Diaphragm

What are the days of no risk to get pregnant?

There are no such days- you should always use protection to avoid pregnancy, even during your period.

How do you avoid from getting pregnant in traditional way?

The traditional way of getting pregnant is by having intercourse - so the best way to avoid this is by refraining from any sexual relations. It is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy.

Can i get pregnant while I'm on my monthly period?

Yes, it is very possible for a girl to get pregnant while on their monthly period. Always use protection to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

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